Beijing Business Reform 5.0 pushes 299 tasks in the national business environmental innovation pilot

Original title: Beijing business reform version pushes 299 mission this newspaper reporter Cao Zheng’s license, engraving official seal, collecting invoice all online "one-time report", tax information and other matters "a table application", housing construction, All areas of municipal, transportation, etc. "One Netcom" … Government service is more and more "one", so that the company and the people do more and more convenient. Recently, Beijing is listed by the State Council as a business environmental innovation pilot, and there will be a number of new tricks, and the real tricks will continue. According to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the municipal government has issued "cultivating and stimulating market subjectivity continuous optimization business environmental implementation programs", which is the 5th centralized income business environment reform initiatives, programs include 299 missions, reform The field, range, and strengths exceed the first 4 edition. The operation of the market is all the cancellation of the "intimate! Warm heart!" This is the evaluation of Beijing Lianfei Technology Co., Ltd.

Before the reform, he needs to submit the relevant application materials for 11 taxes. After reform, you can complete it from one entry for only one declaration. "The convenience of multiple taxes simultaneously declared is that each company can be enjoyed. "He said. It is more convenient to do things, so that the company has more time to develop production and production? This is the original intention of Beijing business reform. Since 2017, there has been a variety of fields related to business related industrial, tax, social security, and supervision, etc. The city’s proof of the office has canceled, and 300, clean-up standards, the average running number of municipal administrative licensors is reduced below, and more than 200 improving barriers are cleared, and 44 approval matters will be changed. Inspection matters, 345 approval matters have been changed to inform the commitment.

Innovation pilot 10 field explores "Beijing experience" Recently, Beijing and other six cities were listed as a business environment innovation pilot in the State Council. The pilot is not for the "planting boma", but to be a multi-benign, transplanted nation, explore the basic requirements of this innovative pilot work. "At present, the city has initially formed" Implementation Plan for the Certificate of Innovation of Beijing Municipal Business Environment ", and clarifies the list of specific reform tasks. Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission," Implementation Plan "adheres to the first good standard, highlight Beijing Features, identify the reform tasks, and list.

On the basis of promoting the implementation of national tasks, further deepening reforms, focusing on the reform of commercial system, approval, bidding bidding, real estate registration, investment trade, supervision law enforcement, market main body, and digital economies, etc. Innovation breakthrough in the big field, strive to form a batch of Beijing experience that can be promoted.

The reporter learned that the city will take the lead in promoting the full-bidding of the bidding, the whole process, the electronic reform of the whole process, in all the fields such as house construction, municipal, transportation, water, garden, to achieve bidding, bidding, bid evaluation, winning bid, contract signing , Performance acceptance, fund payment, etc., "one network service", greatly enhance market openness, transparency, convenience, to create a more fair opportunity to enter the market for various market mains; and take the lead in formulating data transaction rules, actively docking with international rules, Form a complete data transaction system system, advance promotion of high-value data transactions such as finance, credit, medical care, and carry out data cross-border mobile pilots to provide strong support for Beijing to create a global digital economic benchmark city.

Upgraded version enabling recently announced reform initiatives over the past three years, Beijing has launched continuous optimization of business environment version, edition, version, version of a total of 672 business reform measures. Today, a new version to be announced.

Recently, the Beijing municipal government has issued "nurture and inspire market players continue to optimize the dynamic business environment plan", which is the city’s fifth focused on introduction of business environment reforms, also known as version, it will soon be announced.

"Scheme includes 12 299 terms of tasks, areas of reform, scope, intensity more than the first 4 version." Relevant person in charge, distinctive features of the new round of reform is to continue to enhance the business and the people to get a sense as the goal to deepen "discharge tube dress" reform the total handle, digitally led, collaborative advance, scene of the application as a breakthrough, strengthen institutional innovation and enabling technologies, and vigorously promote the optimization and upgrading the business environment iteration, again fully reflects the city’s continued to deepen determination and reform efforts. Visible is digital, invisible reform is to change ideas: from the assessment to meet the meet the needs of the people, from the reform Forced to take the initiative as Beijing to build world-class business environment, set off a government system of "self revolution ", while temper Gongzuozhuanban team of the city’s 91 units, 16 district nearly 500 staff members, continue to promote the deepening of the reform of the business environment. In the context of the development of Beijing reduction, business optimization strong support for sustained economic and social stable and healthy development. Relevant responsible person said, Beijing will complete pilot reform task-quality, reproducible formation of a group can promote institutional innovation, promote market-oriented national business environment, rule of law and international level has been increasing.

Related News retrofitting of existing buildings Fire factual reform plan for the introduction of 5000 square meters the following shopping malls pilot told this reporter Yingying Zhao made the commitment yesterday, the Municipal Construction Committee, City Planning Commission from, City Fire Rescue Corps three departments jointly issued the "Beijing on deepening the city update existing plan "acceptance reform of building renovation fire design review, first proposed the transformation of shopping malls on the ground decoration area of 5,000 square meters, fire inspection can be tried on notification system.

Explore the establishment of a design review with the Beijing Fire classification into the reduction stage of development, transformation of existing buildings has become an important way of urban construction. City fire factual data showed renovation project category accounted for more than 80%. "Existing Building Construction’s different, the situation is complex, taking into account the urgent need for reform proposed feasibility, technical soundness and technical fire safety standards and management mechanisms economy works.

"Municipal Construction Committee responsible person said that the reform is to take the issue and demand-oriented, to break the existing problems, to stimulate the vitality of existing urban architectural development.

"Implementation plan" first focus and improve fire protection technical standards, proposed dynamic optimization "Beijing transformation of existing buildings Fire engineering design guidelines (Trial)", and for the bungalow (courtyard), the traditional shopping malls, old buildings, industrial buildings (structures ) building materials and fire-fighting equipment and facilities such as renovation project design, form classification guidelines fire case.

Secondly, accurate Shi policy, explore the establishment of classification Fire design review.

"Plan" put forward to encourage the construction unit prior to the implementation of the transformation project, to carry out a comprehensive assessment of fire safety.

For functional changes or increased risk of fire, the implementation of existing technical standards on fire indeed difficult reconstruction project, can be performance-based design, demonstrated by the experts to review the relevant departments, the assessment of the opinions as the basis to carry out fire design review.

As for the use of the function does not change, does not increase the risk of fire renovation project, to encourage enhancing the overall level of fire safety, it is really difficult, can be designed in accordance with the technical standards on fire when no less than the completion of signature by a registered architect in charge.

5000 m2 mall pilot told the following commitments made to fully stimulate the vitality of the market, to maximize convenience and efficiency, "plan" also proposed specific initiatives to optimize fire factual. First, a small micro-fire factual reconstruction project on notification management.

According to regulations, in addition to flammable and explosive hazardous materials sites, the building area of 300 sq m and the law do not need to receive a renovation project construction permit, in principle, to carry out the construction project approval Fire factual, factual matters in the realization of the fire before approval into something in the postmortem. Second, the transformation of 5000 sq m shopping mall fire inspection commitment to inform the pilot system. Floor area of not more than 5000 square meters renovation of the mall renovation project, it does not set a large fire risk public entertainment, children, the elderly activity other places within the mall, and the building height not more than 50 meters, the construction unit commitment to comply with the relevant requirements and submit materials can be.

Staging a phased implementation of fire inspection Another unique initiative "plan", is to promote fire inspection work and meticulous management.

On the premise belonging to the same range of planning permission, building renovation project consisting of a plurality of cells, to complete the design content in high fire water tank, fire water, fire control room fire and other public facilities to achieve the function of the fire, the construction unit can be phased application fire inspection.

In addition, for the renovation project will be fully implemented joint inspection of project completion and acceptance forms of organization, inspection procedures, together with the case of fire inspection site inspection when the inspection, the implementation of "acceptance only go once" requirement. "Implementation Plan" is also proposed, will be a special construction projects, key projects representative or renovation project, experts explore the establishment of fire inspection mechanism for the implementation and technical rationality of the performance-based design of feasibility studies, design verification stage experts whether to implement technical solutions to achieve fire protection design, acceptance of closed-loop management.

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