Aerospace Engineering University holds the first graduate academic activity festival

Original title: Building a high-end academic exchange platform in the space field to stimulate graduate Science and Technology Innovation Vitality Aerospace Science, the first postgraduate academic activity festival, the first postgraduate academic activity festival of the Strategic Support Force Aerospace University, the event is "research" The agency is the subject of the theme of Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Military Commission, National Defense University, National University of Defense Science and Technology, Military Sciences, etc. Sky academic communication. The opening ceremony was an academic exchange activity that was initiated by the Aerospace University of Aerospace University. The leading theory and technology of the activities of the Aerospace Related Discipline, which aims to build a technological innovation and academic exchange platform to promote space high-level talents. Cultivate and promote the development of the military graduate education. During the event of the event site, the experts who represent the audio hero Liu Yang, "National Advanced Workers", the experts who represent the students, surrounded the latest research results and work experience, and effectively expanded the academic vision of graduate students. Inspire their technological innovation and vitality; for the discipline competition, thesis, thesis, the ability of posts, the ability of the post, and the ability to write, and let everyone collide academic thinking in sharing exchanges, and inspire innovation sparks; in addition, activities The section also includes activities such as "Postgraduate Innovation Exhibition" and "Graduate Academic Night" and other activities.