China Treasures New Cai – China Medicine Inheritance Innovation Development Reliable growth

  Xinhua News Agency, October 25th: China Treasures Xincai – Chinese Medicine Inheritance Innovation Development Relief Advancement Xinhua News Agency reporter Tian Xiaoyai In Oct 2019, the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference was held, "the CPC Central Committee on promoting Chinese medicine inheritance The Opinions of Innovation and Development (Name Name) were released to develop "put" "opening" for Chinese medicine. Over the past two years, what new progress has been made in the inheritance of Chinese medicine? How to further integrate people living in Chinese medicine? On the 25th, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a press conference around this theme, from the practice of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces, a peek of the Chinese medicine inheritance innovation and development.

  Chinese medicine inheritance innovation and development "Accelerates" Zhejiang Province "" Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Development "14th" Planning " Shandong strengthens the construction of traditional Chinese medicine management system, the number of Chinese medicine department and the number of people compiled in the city and county management institutions have increased significantly … Traditional Chinese medicine inheritance innovation and development "Enter the Expressway".

  Wang Sicheng, a spokesperson of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, and since the issuance of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Several Policy Measures on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine", all departments surround comprehensive reform, education, Chinese medicine registration KeyWhere, the key fields of scientific innovation, the implementation of the supporting documents, 29 provinces issued, and the 18 provinces revised the local Chinese medicine regulations.

  Adhere to the law of traditional Chinese medicine, accelerate the development of traditional Chinese medicine, play the characteristics of the characteristics, all the flowers – Guangdong "classic ward" construction "Three Heritage" strategy, building a number of Chinese medicine inheritance bases and studios; Zhejiang lasted the Chinese medicine industry as the province’s industrial brain construction pilot "unveiled" directory, support Chinese medicine leading enterprises to carry out digital workshops, intelligent factory construction …… Since the epidemic of new crown, Chinese and Western medicine combined with Chinese and Western medicine, it has become the vivid practice of Chinese medicine inheritance, defending innovation. The whole process of traditional Chinese medicine is involved in the prevention and control treatment of epidemic, effectively reduces the incidence, transfer rate, and the disaster, improve the cure rate, and make important contributions to the life and health of the people. The traditional Chinese medicine cultural atmosphere is increasingly resistant to the deep participation and extensive publicity of new coronary pneumonia epidemic Chinese medicine, so that the masses have more understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and have established deeper trust. The reporter learned from the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China’s citizen medical and cultural literacy level increased year by year, reaching% in 2020, more than 8 percentage points in the early stage of "13th Five". Among them, the maximum increase in 2020.

  The improvement of health and cultural literacy in Chinese Chinese medicine is also inseparable from various places in Chinese medicine cultural inheritance and popularization.

  According to the deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Health and Health Committee, the deputy director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, the Shandong Province polls "Confucianism Culture, Biren, Imposion, Items", three Qilu Chinese medicine cultural business cards, held Ni Mountain World Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum In 2021, it was carried out more than 2,500 "Thousands of Thousands of Chinese Medicine Culture Science and Technology", which benefited more than 250,000 people.

  Zhejiang has built a cultural and cultural communication carrier in the cultural medicine of TCM, and creates a cultural brand of "Zhejiang Chinese Medicine"; Guangdong Created Chinese Medicine Cultural Documentary, TV Series, Anime Works, Active Repeacy; Multi-True "Traditional Chinese Medicine China Health and Culture Promotion Action "… Chinese medicine cultural atmosphere is increasingly strong in the whole society. "The last kilometer" "The last km" is more smooth in the base, and there is a vast space in the grassroots level due to its advantages of "simple, convenient, cheap".

In recent years, the short board, strong grassroots level, and pushing new, and continuous efforts in improved traditional Chinese medicine service systems. In Shandong, 16 people realize the full coverage of the Government Office, the county (city, district) level government office of 104 Chinese medicine hospitals. During the "14th Five-Year Plan", what will be taken from all over the world, so that the "last kilometer" of the Chinese medicine service grassroots is more common? Solemn introduction, Shandong will implement grassroots Chinese medicine service capacity improvement projects to create a "15-minute Chinese medicine health service circle"; promote community health service agencies and township hospitals can provide Chinese medicine services.

  Xu Qingfeng, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Committee, Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau, said Guangdong will realize the full coverage of the county office Chinese medicine hospital in the province, more than 300,000 resident population and county population; all community health service center and township health center Set the Chinese Medicine Museum, equipped with Chinese Medicine; Strengthening the Appropriate Technical Promotion of Grassroots Chinese Medicine to ensure that the Grassroots Chinese Medicine can provide 6 types of traditional Chinese medicine appropriate technical services.