Pool Huang High-speed Rail Mahaya 2 Tunnel successfully

  At 12:56 on December 10, the Tunnel No. 2, which was built by the China Railway 11th Bureau, successfully penetrated. The tunnel is a major control node project in the first direction of the branch box beam frame. It has a great encouragement of the morale of the participating personnel. It has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent gilder, and the rail construction is a solid foundation for the construction of the pool yellow high-speed rail. A key step is taken. According to the person in charge of the construction site, Mahayu No. 2 tunnel is located in Ma Yun Street, Guichi District, Chizhou City, which is a single-hole double-line tunnel, full length.

The tunnel dark hole section is 739 meters, of which the V-surrounding rock is 429 meters, IV surrounding rock 310m, geological conditions, poor traffic conditions, poor overall rock, easy to have landslides during construction, Security risks such as blocking blocks. In response to the above security risk issues, the construction of the first standard project manager, the construction unit, the construction, standard construction, overcome the difficulties of construction, coordination, material supply, etc., optimize the construction method, improve the construction plan, and formulate A number of measures have improved the process standard, implement mechanization, informationization, factory, specialized management, and do the coordination of various processes, on-site monitoring and measurement, safety quality is ordered. At the same time, actively organize the theme of "seeing the history, seeing effectiveness, big dry one hundred or fifty days, Jiancheng Pool Yellow Line", with the "Grasping Safety, Guaranta Quality, Grab the Progress, Subsorphics", Establishing party members first pnggang, youth commando, giving full play to the party members’ pioneering model and the spirit of hard work, high-spirited struggle, project up and down, and strive to implement, rush, protect the safety, ensure the smooth penetration of the tunnel.

  Project management said that the spirit of the railway soldiers will continue to carry forward the "Running Road, Water Hand Bridge", under the premise of ensuring safety, and strive to achieve the target of 2021 construction tasks .