Stovepipe trick to all the thick legs MM

Stovepipe trick to all the thick legs MM

The OLs are sitting in a row, the legs are easy to grow, and the weight loss in the legs becomes very important.

What are the stovepipe tricks in OL stovepipe?

Do the stovepipe exercise!

Here are a few recommended OL stovepipe tricks for MM who need leg weight loss.

Learn to learn stovepipe exercise together!

  Sitting in the office every day, because of the little moving relationship, so that our body has partial obesity.

This kind of obesity has always been very troublesome for us, it also affects our beauty, makes people feel overwhelmed, and can’t show their appearance well by wearing clothes.

The same piece of clothing, the slim figure and the extra person wearing it are completely two effects.

From now on, the thick-legged mm who sit in the office every day must act quickly.

Don’t be killed by the contempt of others. We have to do a stovepipe MM this summer. It must not be the MM that has been sitting in the office and getting obese.

For our leg weight loss has always been a big problem for everyone, so now we have set up a set of OL stovepipe tricks for the office thick leg MM with less activity.


When you go to work every day, you can go down two stops and walk for a while, so that you can sit in the chair for PP activities.

(Because the coaxial is sitting on the chair, the pp will get bigger and bigger.


Go to the bathroom during the work, preferably to the adjacent, climb the stairs in two steps, so that you can move and let the legs stretch.


When you sit in the seat, you can start to exercise. Now the office is mostly the kind of desk, you can do underground activities.


The left leg is naturally vertical, lifting the right leg to keep parallel with the ground, the right foot straight, the upper hook repeatedly turning the toe 10 times; changing the other leg.

Repeat this twice, tired feet resting on the ground.

This method can be done while working.

You can also keep your chest-sitting, sitting-legged, thin-legged legs while still correcting your sitting posture.


One hour before going to bed at night, lying on the bed and pedaling, and stepping on 200.

You can step by step, add it bit by bit, don’t figure it out quickly, if you don’t get a strain on your thigh muscles.


After you have finished your bike, relax and raise your legs to a 90-degree angle with your body for one minute.

Then get out of bed and do a stretching exercise.

  Go back to the bed and put your feet on the wooden board and stand upside down for a while. Of course, it is also possible to achieve a 90-degree angle between the legs and the body.

This will last for 20 minutes, which is also good for sleep.


Hold the door frame with both hands and relax, then lift one leg and make a 45-degree angle with the ground.

That is the height of kicking when everyone is walking.

Then bend the calf until it can’t bend, and force it forward until it can’t be rubbed.

It is necessary to use force to reduce whether it is impossible to use this method if there is any injury or illness, because this method has higher requirements for violations, which will cause great pressure.

  Turning back and forth, force 50 times and change the other leg to 甩50.

So overlapping, each leg is up to 150, which is repeated 3 times.
This method personally believes that the excess meat on the back is not subtracted from the thigh, because the excess meat on the thigh and the excess meat on the back are trembled when the leg is kicked.
After both legs are finished, you will feel the heat in the thighs, and it is very itchy. This is the result of the thigh’s aunt burning. It must be felt to stop the sputum. According to the physical condition, it can be increased orReduce the number of kicks.


After you have finished your legs, relax your body, but don’t sit down first.

Walk in the house for about a minute, about 5 minutes.

Then sit on the bed, straighten your legs, don’t hang your legs, and put them all on the bed.

Then tap the meat on the thighs with your hands and knock on each leg for 3-5 minutes.

  Ps: This is my own method of reducing the thighs. I tried it last night and did a lot of work. It feels very good. After doing this, there is an unfortunate burning in the thigh, and it is very comfortable.It can activate blood and accelerate the movement of thighs.

After getting up this morning, I felt that the two thighs were sour.

It’s a bit like muscle pain after running.

It can be proved that the leg is a thigh movement, so I decided to write it out and share it with everyone.

I hope that the majority of friends can be thin and thin.

  Beautiful legs small action 1.

Feet bent on the knees, lie on the ground, the back to the sky, action like a paparazzi, hands support the upper body, lift the right foot, hold for 7-8 seconds, keep the spine and hips straight.

Practice the left and right feet alternately, each doing 15 times.


Sitting on a chair with a chair back, the waist should be straight, roll the towel into a strip, then use your right foot to step, hold the towel apart and pull it in your body until you feel tight, maintain your posture 7-8 seconds.

Do the same for the right foot and do 15 times for each set of actions.


Also sitting on a chair with a chair back, the waist should be straight, back against the back of the chair, put the pillow between the legs, force the pillow firmly, hold the posture for 7-8 seconds, then relax, this action is done 15 times.

  There is also the way to lick the thighs is not tired, especially for girls, some tired weight loss exercise I can not hold, this method is easy to use and not tired, and easy to insist, why not.

Act, work hard for a thin woman!

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