A woman,After experiencing life of life,If you still understand which man is really good to her.。certainly,What choice will you do in the future?,Still nothing to do with this。

It’s like many women who know that the dog should be very good for them.,But they still don’t hesitate to sit on the luxury car,I don’t regret this choice at all.。Even if they are just those men’s play。
“Our daughter?Is it right in Qi??Someone takes care of her??”
Yu Wenxian asked softly。
“Can you,The female secretary around Gao Bao took her ai。”
A Shi Yuz is also unclear that Gao Bao loves what is adjusted.,Anyway, her daughter of Yu Wenxian,Indeed, stay in Qi State is taken care of it.。
“I didn’t expect Gao Baoyi, I will do personnel.,It’s a little unexpected.。”
Yu Wenxia’s feelings,Mature is full of tone。
“okay,I don’t have to accompany you.,Still。Waiting for you to return to the palace of the Queen。correct,Don’t run around the future.,Chang’an will soon chaos。”
Yu Wenxian is smiling at A Shizani,As in the beginning of the year。
“Where are you going?”
Amina Yuz suddenly feels like a loss?,This feeling is so strong,So she couldn’t help but asked。
“I am the child of Yu Wen,It is the prince of Zhou Guo,It is the mother of His Majesty,I naturally want to go to the place where I should go.。”
Yu Wenxian lost this sentence,The head is not going back.。
late at night,Qi Jun Zhongjun bulletin inner lights。At least ten kids here,One is like a big enemy。
Chronicle,Gao Biyi sits in a wheelchair fake,Essence strikes the armrest of the wheelchair。Zheng Minmin behind him is a bit nervous,Hands on the shoulders of Gao Baoyi,But the arm can’t help but jitter。
“You all go out.,Stay here,I will disturb me think。”
Gao Bao opened his eyes,Whispered。
Unmanned action。
He returned,I looked at Zheng Minmin with innocent eyes.,The latter is gently waving,Those who have theft,Military account,There are only two people left。
“Alang,Why do you assert that Ten Wenyu will bring a soldier to the big camp??”
Zheng Minmin whispered。
“Wei Xiaowei said。except him,Many people in Chang’an have written with me.,说 文 邕 邕 自 自 自 自 自 自 自。So thick in the table,You give me a name.,Do you forget??”
Gao Biyi said。
“But that may be forged.,Maybe……”
Gao Boyi,Moderate Zheng Minmin Don’t continue to say。
“If you don’t believe it,The city is falling into the Jedi,So what do you do??Many people sell this new owner to the new owner,Positive and even more than your expectations。
If you can’t think of this,Na Wenyi is not as good as it is good.。”
“What do you think is Wenwen now??”
Gao Bao。
“Take a place?”
“Do not,Like a man,Stand down。”
Gao Bao is sighing:“Yu Wenzhen is probably not stupid, thinking now.?If he can now turn over,That……I am also in my heart.。”
At this moment,The shouting sound of the earth!As high as Gao Biyi。
“It really is……Are you already?,Alang。”
Zheng Minmin muttered,Eyes in the eyes。She is the most unable to resist the kind of Zhuzhu in Gao Bao.。