Zhang Sangui was shocked,A sudden stop,The car screamed,Fortunately, it stopped safely,Xia Jian asked hurriedly:“Did you hit someone??“

Zhang Sangui shook his head nervously and said:“I do not know either!“
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Go down and have a look,Isn’t this man still crawling on the windshield??“He finished,I opened the door and jumped out of the car。
The weird thing is,Zhang Sangui just walked to the car,Man climbing on windshield,Immediately jumped down,He grabbed Zhang Sangui by the collar and shouted:“You are blind!Driving a BMW is great,Are you trying to knock me to death?“
Xia Jian’s heart was let go,This person can curse,Still have so much energy,Explain that he is okay,As long as people are okay,Everything is so high。
Do this,There was a long queue of cars behind in an instant,Some people honked their horns impatiently,Some people stretched out their heads to curse,No matter what happened before。
Who tore Zhang Sangui to the side of the road?,Xia Jian saw it clearly,What this person looks like,Thin body,But in a hurry。Xia Jian hurriedly walked over,said laughingly:“You are fine!“
“Can it be alright?A car this big hits a person,Or you try“This guy carries gunpowder in one mouth,It seems to hurt him。
Zhang Sangui asked who’s hand off:“Where did you hurt?I take you to the hospital“
“It hurts everywhere,You said where did you hurt me,I won’t go to the hospital,I do not have time,You lose me money!“This guy went straight to the subject,He was looking for money,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious。
Zhang Sangui raised his brows,Asked a little unhappy:“How much do you lose?“
“Driving a BMW and hitting a person,This will not affect you well,such!Give me a thousand yuan,I leave immediately,From now on, death or life will have nothing to do with you“Yo ha!This guy still speaks loudly,One thousand yuan?What is Zhang Sangui’s salary for two or three months?。
as expected,Zhang Sangui heard the fire,He shouted:“You grab the money!If the body is fine,You better leave as soon as possible,Otherwise I call the police“