“who are you?What did it have to do with you last night?”A male reporter asked,The female reporter next to me said nothing,Raise the camera and shoot。

Ouyang Hong protects her face with her hands,Pushing Xia Jian back into the ward,But reporters surrounded her,Make her difficult,A picture you do not accept the interview,Don’t want to leave。
This situation completely angered Zhao Hong,She put down her breakfast,Rushed into the bathroom,Raised a mop and rushed out,Shout while running:“I let you interview”
The voice has not fallen,The mop swiped at these reporters,Crash,All fall apart,They never expected,Such a beautiful woman,Launching Weilai is so powerful。
Zhao Hong still doesn’t follow,Carrying a mop,The person chasing the hand-held camera hits,Keep driving this group out of the hall,She came back out of breath,Keep scolding:“I beat you to death,Call you to interview”
Xia Jian saw that Zhao Hong was for him,I didn’t even care about the lady,Touched,If it wasn’t for Ouyang Hong by his side,He will definitely jump up and give her a hug。
“OK OK!Very brave just now,But may be in trouble”Ouyang Hong took the mop in Zhao Hong’s hand,Said with a smile。
Zhao Hong took a breath and said:“What trouble can you cause,Not just a few reporters,Can still catch me and go to jail?”She seems to be really angry,What you say is a bit choking。
“You see,Today is the fourth day of the Lunar New Year,It stands to reason that these people are on vacation,How can so many reporters come all at once?,And also the subject is clear,Object is clear,As if someone secretly instructed”Ouyang Hong said,I couldn’t help but frowned。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Don’t bother,Soldiers come to block,Flooded,Let’s give breakfast to the patient first!”Things have reached this point,I can’t manage that much,Anyway, that’s what Xia Jian thought。
Among the seven wounded,There are three villagers,Cast,She said she didn’t stay in the hospital,Xia Jian understands what they mean,They were just to save Xia Jian,Good talk,Still can’t persuade,Finally, Zhao Hong arranged for the driver to send the three of them back,This way there are only four left。
A few people,The pressure in Xia Jian’s heart is also much less,The face he’s been pulling now makes a little smile,He just joked with Ouyang Hong,Turn around,People froze。
Director Xia walked in with two policemen:“Chief Xia,Long gone,Come with us!”
First0195chapter Being held
Ouyang Hong stepped out,Asked with a smile:“Director Xia,It’s a new year,Why are you here?”On weekdays, Ouyang Hong is not cold at all for this director Xia,Today’s situation,She has to please this guy,This person is very dark。
“Damn!Mayor Ouyang is a great opportunity,There are too many things involved!You may have forgotten,You arranged me on duty this Spring Festival”Director Xia’s bloated face,Not a trace of smile,I can see that he is still angry for Ouyang Hong for arranging him on duty during the Spring Festival。
Ouyang Hong always has a smile on her face,She laughed and said:“Director Xia has worked hard,I mean you should be on duty in Pingyang Town,Why are you here at Pingcheng Hospital??”