Prepare the final battle!Um,The last battle in the entry。

Guan is like this,Breaking through the pass after passing,Then there is no dangerous terrain to block the pace of entering.。So Yu Wenxian is only dead,The purpose is to block the last door before blocking.。
Even if I will fail,Even if the whole army is not awkward。
Because they really have not retired。
this day,Belown with the army with Gao Baoyi,Pu 坂“Cleaning”Work has been completed,There is only the hard bones left in Pu.。
Qi Jun handsome account,All the generals,All gathered together,They were found to participate in military conferences by Gao Bo Yi.,Accident breaking the enemy。
Yu Wenxian does not dare to open this meeting,Because of key decisions,It is easy to be disclosed。But Gao Biyi dares to open this meeting.,Because now Qi Jun is online,Everyone wants to win the flag.。
Which one will not open a traitor to leak the Yu Wenxian?。
“Allocate,Pu 坂 is in front of you。Break the city,Guanzhong。Now everyone talks about it.,after all,This battle is closely related to you。”
Gao Boyi sitting in the primary position,It looks very serious。In the field,One is a plate,It seems that it is not the same as that day.。
“correct,There is a Turkic army in close,What is it now??”
Gao Biyi asked Zheng Minmin, who was quietly recorded in not far away.。
That day,The majority of the military will see Zheng Minmin,Will avoid your eyes,I don’t see the despise of the past.。
No one can treat her as a play touch that is sleeping with Gao Bo Yi.。
Who knows what is the young woman who has always traded in the weekday?“Black history”what。
“Report according to probes,This tuten army is the Turkist,Not directly in Tuchen Wang Ting。
They are currently taking in Huashan County,It seems that there is no support of Pu 坂。”
Zheng Minmin said calm,It seems that these things are recorded in the brain.,Don’t go to record at all。
“very good,Turkic people’s intended。They want to use Yu Wenxian’s people to consume our strength,I want to play our boring bank in Guan.。
hehe,It’s really a good disk.。”
Gao Baoyi has a smile,There will be no one,Nobody refutes,After all, this kind of tactics,They are all in front of their eyes,Nothing to say。
Gao Biyi remembered the servant Waice,The general of the Tang Dynasty was anti-Tang Dynasty,It seems that the servant is later returned to the Tang Dynasty.。
“It is temporarily ignored that。Returning to the top,Pucha City,How to pack?”
Gao Bao asked around。
Just taking things,In fact, the purpose is also very simple.,Nothing more than warning everyone,It’s okay to hit the Pu.。
There are still many difficulties behind,For example, Turks,Is the one who can’t avoid。
“Convinced,This war is not too desperate,Otherwise, it is cheap by Turk.。
How to break the city wall of Pu,This should be the key to this battle。”
Dendrobium is not moving with Zheng Minmin in gray cotton robe.,I feel as long as this woman is sitting here.,I’m not in my body.。
The other side is like a class in the next day.,not talking,Not insert,There is no feeling in the corner。
But the banquet is after that day,Amarantma is suddenly awakened。
The world will not bite a dog.!Like the Xue, that has emerged by the high ocean,Database,The roots of troubles。
However, how?Because my mouth likes to move,Live a month。