“Miss Tu Cancan,cover me。”

“Long Xia Chen,Don’t mess around,Isn’t this casual。”
Xia Chenglong is very weak at this time,But he still maintains sufficient sanity when facing the enemy,If you want to leave, you must break away from the obstacles in front of you。
Too late to think,Xia Chenglong dragged his injured body and rushed towards the Cyclops。
Although both are extraordinary,But Xia Chenglong’s strength can defeat Yuan Shaodu.,Deal with a warrior who has just entered the supernatural realm:
The so-called skinny camel is bigger than a horse,Who lives and who dies is not always certain?
“Oh,Dare to do,remarkably brave!”
The one-eyed dragon doesn’t care,Look at Xia Chenglong’s half-dead look,How could it be his opponent。
“Boss,Slap him to death。”
“Come on, boss!”
The people around don’t plan to help,Deal with a badly injured kid,If this requires other people’s help, it will be laughed at by everyone。
Cyclops stepped forward,I want to catch the rushing Xia Chenglong,And at this moment,The one-eyed dragon who thought it would succeed did not expect,The guy in front of you will actually avoid。
Head tilted,Avoid stout arms,Body turn,Same direction as the cyclops behind。
Dare to expose his back in such a short distance,Definitely a taboo in battle。