Even if the Wen family struggles for a few more lifetimes,It’s impossible for Situ Yan to be their son-in-law。

I think because of my mistake,Serious company losses,Yu Shan is a bit uncomfortable,I blame the warm and warm that bitch,If it wasn’t for her,I won’t offend this noble man!
Correct!Yes,All because of warmth!
I must not let her go!
Yu Shan looked at her warm eyes with a little jealousy,But more things hate,It’s a pity that the warm and warm interest just now is deeply imprinted in my mind,Yu Shan didn’t say anything in the end。
The most surprising one is Wen Yunyun,I thought Situ Yan was just a nice little white face,I didn’t expect to be a rich man!
Eyes light up instantly!I can’t wait to sell myself out!
If it weren’t for the warmth, this bitch,I will not misunderstand Situ Yan!Correct!It’s all because of this bitch!
First47chapter Wang Zhen Outstanding Academy
Although I feel unwilling,But Wen Guohao knew it would be useless to continue,I can only watch the two leave with a decadent。
What else Yu Shan wanted to say,I was startled by the warm eyes。
There is no emotion in the warm eyes,Look at her so coldly。