“but,Only a few days,Can she go to work?”Qin Feng said worriedly。

“I also advised her to rest for a few days,But she just doesn’t agree,She said looking at me and quickly got a reliable job,So she has to work hard,Then we bought a house,She married me。”Zhang Dong was full of happiness when he said it。
“So good,She is a good girl,You work hard,Don’t let her down,But you tell her,Recovered from a serious illness,Don’t be too tired,What’s the problem,You find me in time。”Seeing my brother so happy,Qin Feng is also very satisfied。
“thank you,Boss,if not you,may……”Zhang Dong is a little scared after thinking about it,The tone sounds choked。
“Stop and stop,To recognize me as the boss,In the future,Don’t tell me。”
Qin Feng can’t stand this most,Why he did this,It’s also out of Zhang Dong’s heartfelt love to himself,And everything,So in love and reason,Qin Feng won’t just sit back and watch。
“Yes,Boss。”Zhang Dong wiped his eyes,Said with a smile。
“Company affairs,Is it going well??”Qin Feng continued to ask。
“The company’s affairs have always been Mr. Yan,They are working hard with Mr. Zhen,Besides running errands,Basically can’t help much。”Zhang Dong said ashamed。
“Nothing,Can i help,Just do something。”Qin Feng is not surprised,Don’t say that Zhang Dong doesn’t know anything about these things.,But Yan Ziqiang is different,His profession is to do this,So I can do things with ease。
“Zhang Dong,Why don’t you change clothes,There will be a traffic jam if you don’t go for a while。”Mama Zhang was urging anxiously over there。
“mom,I said i’m not going,I still have my things to do,Besides, I don’t even know my uncle or grandpa,What do you let me do?”Zhang Dong is so angry,Don’t lose your temper。