People’s Network Review: Let the open spring breeze warm world

"Let the open spring breeze warmth!" At the opening ceremony of the 4th China International Import Expo, Chairman Xi Jinping passed the video of the chairman, profoundly reviewing the great achievements of China’s 20 years of joining the World Trade Organization, emphasizing that China will unswerving Maintain real multilateralism, unwilling to sharing market opportunities with the world, unwavering high level open, unswervingly safeguarding the common interests of the world. Open is the clear logo of contemporary China.

For more than 40 years, China has adhered to the opening of the national door, and continuously expands the opening of the opening, forming a full open, multi-level, and wide area, achieving a great historical turn from a closed semi-closed to all-round open. In the 20 years of joining the World Trade Organization, China has comprehensively implemented its promise, and the total level of tariffs has decreased sharply, clean up relevant laws and regulations, and inspires market and social vitality. In particular, since the epidemic of the new crown, China has provided approximately 350 billion masks to the international community, more than 4 billion protective clothing, more than 6 billion people’s test reagents, more than 1.6 billion vaccines, and actively promote international anti-investigation cooperation, support The development of intellectual property rights in developing countries, practicing commitment with practical actions, showing. China has continued to expand the opening, activating the spring tide of China’s development, and also activates a pool of spring water in the world economy.

China has more than 14 billion people and more than 400 million secondary income groups, imported goods and services per year, and the market is huge. China Manufacturing has become an important part of the global industry chain supply chain, and China’s broad domestic demand market will continue to inspire the source of innovative potential. China is more responsible for the spirit of inclusive, higher quality growth, and has made great contributions to all countries in the world while achieving their own development. It has proved that China is always an important promoter worldwide, the stable power source of the world economy, and the active contributors of national development opportunities, global governance reform. Currently, the world’s 100-year change and century epidemic, unilateralism, protectionism, and economic globalization have encountered countercurrent.

The more face challenges, the more we have to follow the history of history, comply with the development trend of the times, echo the people’s expectations, achieving higher quality development under more open conditions. From the full implementation of foreign investment law and its implementation regulations, further reduce the negative list of foreign investment admissions, from steadily promoting financial market access, to the overall plan of Hainan Free Trade Port, from strengthening Shenzhen and Pudong reform and opening measures, Deepening the research and trade innovation development pilot … China is open to the outside, but there is no stop, and has launched a series of policy measures to expand open.

Just as Chairman Xi Jinping pointed out: "China’s expansion of high-level openness will not change, the determination of development opportunities with the world will not change, promote economic globalization toward more open, inclusive, Pu Hualance, and win-win direction The determination will not change.

"Open cooperation is a historical trend, mutual benefit and win-win situation is the heart.

China will cooperate with the world, complimentary to historical trend, grasp the trend of the times, and brings new more opportunities to the world economic growth, and make greater contributions to the world.

(Editor: Yin Shen, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.