Refuse to edema body shaping

Refuse to edema body shaping

Dieting or sports, the ideal outline is always out of reach.

So the clever woman began to correct, perhaps the most enemies we faced were so many infinite imaginations that the “big enemy” was only edema in one way or another.

  Test if you have edema. Everyone has been or is edema. For women, edema is almost everywhere.

Investigate its roots, the bad habits that urbanites have developed for a long time are the invisible killers behind the scenes.

Days and nights were “fixed” in front of the computer, working overtime for a long time, sleeping too late, taste too heavy, like to eat frozen drinks, tobacco and alcohol, tea, coffee, non-stop. all these are forced or self-seeking badHabits are all processing plants that make toxins. If you just touch one of them, you will be enough to meet the edema.

The disadvantages of edema are not so much. They make people look bloated, look tired and have no spirit, and directly affect the metabolism and endocrine of the body. The result is a deeper and deeper, forming a vicious circle.

  If you want to test your presence for edema, there is one easiest way: make a fist in your hands in the morning, and if you feel a sense of swelling or muscle interference between your fingers and your fingers, then this is the day you experience edema.

For how to remove edema, according to the degree of each body and edema, the cause of the difference should be reduced.

It is recommended that a professional be asked to make a diagnosis to find out which type of edema they belong to and then prescribe the right medicine.

It is understood that many large beauty salons today have professional beauticians to help you diagnose the physical condition with pulse, and the robes have developed a personalized “swelling” plan.

  The root cause of edema and type of edema is that the lymphatic system of the human body cannot function properly to remove waste water, which leads to accumulation of wastewater in the body.

When the internal wastewater of the body is continuously circulated and stays in the cytoplasm, it will cause edema of the limbs or face.

Specifically, the cause of edema is nothing more than the following categories: emergency edema: due to drinking a lot of water before going to bed, the general performance is edema under the eyelids; In addition, lack of sleep is also easy to get edema after getting up, slightlyAfter two or three hours, it can naturally disappear.

Acute edema should pay more attention to conditioning will get better.

潇雪Recommendation: Solve the edema of the eye edema 2: edema in women during special physiological periods (such as pregnancy, pregnancy), edema caused by changes in hormone levels in the body, edema in this case generally does not need to be treated.

  Refractory edema: refers to edema caused by long-term poor living habits.

Including regular eating of salty foods, the body ingests a lot of salt, which causes the kidney blood to absorb too much water, causing edema of the skin, usually as the calf will fall after being pressed.

In addition, long-term extension or sitting and often wearing high-heeled shoes will cause local blood vessels or lymphatic obstruction, causing edema in the lower leg.

  Pathological edema: due to physical causes such as hypertension, this situation should be based on clinical treatment, usually in the sense of dehydration can only alleviate and improve the role.

  Beauty salon edema first aid method to edema instrument to edema is a must-have beauty project in major beauty salons, although the instruments introduced by each will be different, but the principle is basically the same.

That is, the instrument stimulates the acupuncture points of the human body, acts on the skin tissue, and the arteries and veins in a few tissues and muscle tissues accelerate the body’s metabolism, dissolve slightly, and excrete toxins and excess water.

  The reporter saw a systemic lymphatic detoxification detoxification instrument imported from Italy in a beauty salon. Simply put the instrument on the body like a dress and lie on the bed to enjoy the professional edema care that the microcomputer prevented.

In the instrument, people will induce a sense of tightness like blood pressure. After half an hour of treatment, there will be no excessive sweating when they get up.

According to reports, the principle of this instrument is based on the principle of human physiology and lymphatic structure, through the pumping of the lymphatic system, to clear the lymphatic circulation in the body, and finally the excess water is excreted from the body excretory system.

Due to the inconvenience of women in the physiological period of massage bathing, a large number of women will turn to a similar edema instrument in an inconvenient few days.

  To the edema bath, almost every beauty salon has a professional bathing equipment, which will achieve the effect of edema by the essential oil bath.

It is specially prepared by a beautician with essential oils for firming and swelling, and with marine mineral salts containing basic elements such as minerals required by the human body, thereby promoting the metabolism of the human body, tightening the skin, eliminating fat and eliminating edema.

This method is a typical edema-specific therapy. The calcium, phosphorus, chlorine and sodium ions contained in marine mineral salts are very beneficial to human health, and have the functions of detoxifying and activating cells, and can also be decompressed.

  Lymphatic edema massage is the most traditional and the most common method of edema.

According to the beautician, the human body should have 95% self-purification function, but the poor lifestyle and environmental pollution of modern people make people’s self-cleaning function replacement less than 50%, which requires external force such as manual massage.Human organs, which stimulated more detoxification and edema removal.

Lymphatic edema massage conforms to the direction of lymphatic drainage of the whole body, and professionally clears the lymphatic system and enhances the immune function of the human body. For example, it can be used to remove the negative energy accumulated in the body.

  It is worth mentioning that for detoxification and edema massage, it is not great, but a gentle massage will help you get twice the result with half the effort, and the beautician will probably stop.

After getting up after massage, people will feel relaxed and the whole person will become rejuvenated, which has great potential for keeping fit.

  潇雪Recommendation: Winter female detoxification Raiders refuses edema six taboos unless it is drinking plenty of water before going to bed, otherwise edema is not caused overnight.

The most fundamental way to reduce the problem of edema is to start with the daily eating habits and reduce the possibility of excess water accumulating in the body.

In order to fundamentally expel edema, the following habits should be avoided:

Damp hot foods can not be eaten often, such as mango, shrimp, crab, etc.;

Do not often penetrate tight clothing, especially jeans with tight chest and thigh position, as well as corsets, waist and other items, will increase body edema;Try to make the routine of work and rest, overwork will make the metabolism and blood circulation worse, and edema occurs;

Wearing high-heeled or over-tight shoes is not conducive to blood circulation in the foot, and must be edema in the long run;

Sedentary or standing for a long time, fixed for a long time, will make the lower body blood back blocked, causing lower extremity edema;

Don’t eat heavy foods often. Not only salt or salty foods, but all sauces, crisps or beverages with high sodium content, such as electrolyzed water, tomato juice, etc., are not always eaten.