Lidong home should open more windows to ventilate

Lidong home should open more windows to ventilate


What does the word “立冬” mean?

Li, in ancient Chinese is the meaning of the beginning, the beginning; winter, the meaning of the end, refers to the collection of everything.

Li Dong said that Li Dong said that winter is coming. After the grain is harvested in the autumn, it is stored in the warehouse, and the animals are hiding to prepare for hibernation.

In the winter season, although it began to enter the winter, the temperature dropped and the change was obvious: the sun has reached the southern hemisphere, and the amount of solar radiation obtained in the northern hemisphere is getting less and less. Because there is still a surplus in the storage of the surface in the summer half of the year, it is generally not quiteCold, often have a warm and comfortable “Xiaoyangchun” weather.

Lidong home should open more windows ventilation experts to remind: after the weather is cold, the doors and windows are generally closed in winter, resulting in indoor air not flowing, people always breathe in this space will cause a lot of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, the body will appear dizzy,Chest tightness, so be more ventilated.

1, open the window in the morning and evening for 20 minutes The correct method should be to open the window every morning and night for 20 minutes to keep the indoor air fresh.

Relevant experiments have shown that 60% of harmful gases in indoor air can be removed every time the air is ventilated.

In addition, be sure to maintain a proper indoor temperature to avoid excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Generally, indoors should be controlled at 16?
22 ° C is good.

2, to ensure adequate sleep in winter, but also to ensure adequate sleep, the Tang Dynasty doctor Sun Sizhen said: “Winter months should not go early in the morning and return to the cold, offended Hanwei.

“Sleep early to raise yang, late to solid yin.

There is a saying: Spring sleepy autumn, lack of summer snoring, winter snoring.

Chinese medicine pays attention to the spring and summer long autumn harvest winter, winter should be a season of refueling.

For the winter in the winter, the winter health should ensure a long sleep, which is beneficial to the yang stagnation, Yin and Jin accumulation.