Data vision scanned past,Han Jiang found that the right face of Qi Lai is three millimeters than the left face protrudes.,There is also a scratch。

Exactly,Fu Lai Deire’s face was swollen。
Although Fanhua looks good,However, according to her, she successfully went to the attitude of the dry stand after the law of Ice.,She is not very good。
“What。”Fu Lai Deal asked Hanjiang coldly。
Han Jiang shook his head shrug,Feel in my heart,Beautiful girl is so beautiful if the face is swollen.,Really。
“No,nothing,The arms of Ice is still absorbing cracking,How do you see this situation??”
Chapter 557 It seems that the development of natural
Fungu Del is lightly driven:“It is responsible for the destination to clean up the collapse,Things about Ice,You can。”
“I want to deal with the legs of ice with your strength.,Also let us,I don’t want to clean up the legs of Ice.?”
Fuhua,Qi Lai Del’s face is not good,It seems that there is a winning issue.。
Yi Lai Denl does not work hard,Although she is not afraid to fight again,But also feel that the Fuhua people。
Snap。“I have my own task,How to deal with the law is your own business。”
Yishlere left a sentence,The direction of the departure is the location of the law.。
巘Bamboo Fantasy novel network7huan戅。“Also say not to interfere with us,I am going to stare at the little girl.!”Fuhua lost a sentence,Flying out and left everyone in here.。
“call!”Han Jiang grows out,Fortunately, Yan Lai Der is not a stasibility.,Otherwise two people have to play.。
“So,Next, we must start acting.。”Han Jiang said,Let a few people close to a little。
“Bronia just detected that the Coral Island Center area has been frozen.,The arms of Ice have made a lot of ice attributes on the road.,These crazy beasts will make the surrounding temperature,Do not kill these collapse,We can’t close her.。”
I heard the words of Hanjiang said,Bella is not willing to scream。
Han Jiang smiled and touched the neck of the fell.:“If the law is born, there will be your own companion beast.,You are clear again.。”
“Ice’s arms have no trial-level accompanying beast,One is that the collapse of her body is not enough enough.,The second point is likely to be because of these collapse beasts。”
Slightly calm the Bella,Han Rong re-looks to the people to continue to analyze。
“Just now we know,The body of the ice of the ice is the life of the female Wushen Anna,She is now in this situation and the buds are similar,Crashing will fight,In a state of instability。”
“Examples of buds don’t represent all,We can’t wake up like this year Qi Yaa.,Perhaps inadvertently,The external battle will affect Anna let her completely go deep into the side of the law.。”
Balonia nodded,Follow up:“Dr. Ai Yinstein,The balance of the law is a wonderful existence,If Anna doesn’t choose to resist,Instead, it will be better.。”
“Now that this state is very difficult.,If necessary,Ji let us choose to kill the law。”Han Rong said。
Bud coat,“Rate,Can only kill her??”
Han Jiang shook his head explained,“It’s not that you can only choose to kill,If there is a consciousness in Ana recovered in the process of fighting,We will stop,Walter will also come to help Anna thoroughly control the power.,Killing the law is just the last choice。”
“Next,The three of you move toward this direction.,I will always be with Bella.,Real-time notification of the crack。”
Kiyana three people,Audovs and nightwares also act。
They don’t have 100% suppressed law.,I can’t help but feel the rod of Huangquan to Fu Lai.,Can only look for the right time after maritime。
Action has begun,Han Jiang let Bella fall to the city’s five hundred meters.。
As a financial center that has been connected to two mainland,How many people tend to hungry,How bustling,What is it now?。
In addition to the special crazy beasts manufactured by the previous Ice,It is still better here.。
The big urban area is covered with thick snow,Broken place in the city,It also forms a distinct contrast in the area where burning fire is smoking.。
Peripheral is broken,The central region is beautiful, like a fairy tale world that is covered with ice.。
Qi Yana three people entered this world,Follow Hanjiang’s guidelines to quickly towards the laws of ice。
“call……How is this cold here?,Budding,Bronia,How do you feel??”
I have always been emitted by the cold collapse of the cold. Next to the road.,Qi Yana continued to ask two people in the air.。
“Bronia opened the armor insulation function,The temperature here is no longer an ordinary person.,At the same time, Bronia did not observe any life characteristics.,There is no living here.。”