“But you can’t just hide in this stone stockade and wait for death,And look at your wall,Can’t resist the dragon。”Song Luo said。

When several people are arguing about coping strategies,Zhu Minglang heard some weird sounds。
He leaves the crowd,Walk towards the back of a barn。
There is an old well behind the barn,Zhu Minglang heard the voice from here。
The water source of the old well should be polluted,Has been nailed with boards,Prevent people who are dehydrated and lose their minds from drinking。
That faint cry for help,Weirdly came out from the well。
Zhu Minglang feels terrifying,Why is there someone in the well calling for help,The most important thing is that this voice still seems to be heard only by myself,Others didn’t even notice the sound。
“fast……Run away!”
A voice that almost overlaps the weird cry for help,Suddenly floated out,I wish Minglang listen carefully,Then I heard that there was another kind of hiss in the cry for help,Is warning something!
Are you asking for help?,Still awake?
Zhu Minglang can’t distinguish this weird voice at all,And it’s more like being possessed inside, wanting to figure out the source of the sound。
suddenly,The shout was unusually clear,It spread from the bottom of the well,It’s like crying hard for everything,It’s more like a dead soul who has suffered and is telling someone who is still alive,Extremely dangerous here!!!
I wish Minglang shudder all over,But he overcomes that fear,Lift the wooden plank nailed at the wellhead,Suddenly the stuffed bones came into view,The whole well is not filled with contaminated water at all,But the cruelly killed Shitouzhai people!