“Big white,Can you see a home care home??

If,You just have some heads,If you can’t shook your head。”
soon,Han Shanshan stunned,Because Great Bai is really nodded,Then her ham in her hand is directly grabbed.。
Flying fast disappears in front of her。
Where is it?,She doesn’t know。
“Lee,Don’t go too far.,I will follow Xiaoya at night.,Be afraid of。”
Look at Li Hui, who has already gone out of the door.,Han Shanshan has a little worried reminder。
“It’s fine,I am in the orchard,Will not go far away。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,When you put a sway, you disappeared in the night.。
There is a lot of Qin Su Ya and Han Shanshan.。
Qin Su Jackey is busy with Han Shanshan to organize the bed,Xia Ruzhen’s room she did not finish,Instead, it is sorted by Li Cuihua.。
I have finished this.,She directly let Han Shanshan have to rest.。
“Little Ya,Don’t go fine,I will be scared here at night.,Would you like you to sleep with me??”
“Forehead,OK then,Let’s sleep one side.,You support the mosquito net,Otherwise, the mosquito is very powerful at night.。”
“嘻嘻 嘻 没,As long as there is a little sister to accompany,Mosquito is not something。”
Han Shanshan said while preparing to lie down。
Just just lying down,She hesitated,Because of the mountaineering of the mountain during the day,Before there is no feeling,I have to sleep now.,She feels uncomfortable.,After all, she is taking a bath every day.。
“Little Ya,Can you take a bath here??
I want to take a shower.。”
See Han Shanshan as a proud girl,When I said that I wanted to take a shower, I also revealed the pose.,Qin Su Ya will not feel some funny.。
“Can take a bath,Just wash it in the yard.,Rinse with that tap water,Slippers my room has a new one,39Codes,Can you wear it??”
“Um,can,I am39Code of the code,How much is Xiao Ya?,I will give you money for a while.。”
Han Shanshan smashed,Suddenly found that she except for mobile phones,I didn’t bring it.。
It’s also a bit for a while.。
Qin Su Ya nature also saw her movements,Laugh:“Not available,Not worth a few money。”
Say,Qin Su Ya walked out of the house,Then I quickly gave Han Shanshan to find a new towel.,slippers,There is also a shower gel,Shower gel is Xu Ruyi buy,After Qin Su, I feel very good.,She felt that Han Shanshan’s girl in the big city will also like to shower gel.。
Looking at Qin Su Ya prepared neatly,Han Shanshan is busy。
“Little Ya,thank you so much。”
“you are welcome,Go to wash it.,I will give you the lights of the yard.。”
Say,Qin Sui is directly put it directly.。
Han Shanshan is also wearing slippers,Walk below the faucet,One piece of putting clothes out。
By moonlight,She constantly observes four weeks,I am afraid that I have seen the same,Cool water flows on the body,Let her wake up instantly,I have not slept more spiritually.。
soon,She likes this kind of empty environment in the yard.。