“breeze,You come with me.。”

Zhao Xiaoling took Li Hui to go to the side,At the same time, it is secretly aiming at Zhao Pengyu.,I am afraid that Zhao Pengyu will follow up.。
“Hey-hey,Ling Sister,What’s the matter?
Actually, I still have to feel my mind.。”
“breeze,We cannot manage Zhao Pengyu aspects in the security of our pig farms.,Just now, he looks at my sister’s eyes.,I can’t wait to eat my sister.,So I think I want you to change someone.。”
I heard this,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
There are still many people present in the field.,Zhao Pengyu actually dare to be so bright?
“You don’t think there is there.,Do you not see it??”
Seeing Li Hui’s way to turn,Zhao Xiaoling also stopped。
“Hey-hey,I know,However, I have been here in recent days.,You will go to our village with the scorpion.,Go to your own home,I have just announced the lastness of people.,I can’t take it down immediately.,By the way, tell you,I didn’t plan to let the other party manage the security team from the beginning.,Because the security team, I am not ready to let Zhaojia Village people will protect。”
Finish,Li Hui Rong smiled and went back with Zhao Xiaoling.,At the same time, talk to Zhao Pengyu smiled.。
Tell the smile with Zhao Pengyu,Li Hui Feng is like a stunned look like the opponent before.,I don’t know, I thought I had a multi-iron relationship.。
Noon,The villagers also scattered,And Li Hui is with Zhao Pengyu to participate in the village.。
The banquet is prepared by Zhao Pengyu.,Please have a lot of people,During the period, several times Zhao Pengyu wants to let Li speak hard.,But it was made to easily resolve it with Li.。
Finally, let him not come to Taiwan。
Eat a meal,In the afternoon,Li Hui also received a call from Guan Yun,Said that it has already arrived in the village.。
Li Hui said that Guan Yun said that the village is also a glimpse.。
“Guan Da Ge,You are personally followed?”
“Hey-hey,Of course,I am still at all.,I have added to two thousand heads.,By the way, I will bring you a farming expert.,If you don’t understand, you also hurry,After all, there is also something to be busy over there.。”
I heard Guanyun personally,And I also solved a lot of follow-up problems.,Li Hui Feng is also grateful.。
When I immediately hang up, I ran toward the village.。
In the village,Li Hui Feng saw that the long row of large trucks covered with a thick tarpaulin in the village.。
Guan Yun is a camouflage,I don’t know, I thought it was a troops.。
Guan Yun saw that Li Hui Hui also gave Li Hui Feng a big hug before jumping.。
“Lee brother,long time no see,Seeing that you have no changes in it.,Young is good,Do you want to learn together??”
Guan Yun is open to expose the purpose。
Li Hui also laughs:“OK,But now it’s not,Still now, settle the pig seedlings。”
“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will introduce you to the expert professor I invited.,And my brothers。”
Say,Guan Yun will directly get off the bus,I have introduced Li Hui Feng.。
Li Huihe saw neat camouflage!,The pace of the tiger steps that only trained,It’s also curious about what business is doing.。
The other party gives him the feeling like a bodyguard.。
After introducing a circle,People under Guanyun is also very curious about Li Hui Feng.,How do they see that Li Hui is an ordinary person?,There are no hidden traces of training,Not even as a person who can play,I really don’t understand where the people are amazing.。
They even doubt that their boss was fooled by Li Hui.。
“Boss,These pigs are finished,Can we challenge first?。”
Cui Yongan first said that,He is only 20 years old this year.,But Xu Wu has been in seventeen years.,And I obtained the Championship of the Youth of the United States。
If you don’t encounter Guanyun,He even felt that he had always been invincible.,The premise is the same weight,After all, some of the facts after the training of fighting skills, there is still a punch.。
In the face of Li Hui, a lot of age is similar to him.,When the body is almost,His first is uncomfortable,At the same time, I want to give the other part color.。
In the United States,His Master said that Huaxia is the strongest.,But the people who have encountered the past,He feels as long as it is military,There is no one to play。
Even if it is Guan Yun,It is also a military and fighting together to pack it.,Simple military,In addition to the nearest kinder, it is a very unparalleled Taiji to let him eat,Others can also support for a while。