See the parents who have separated for ten years encounter in the seaside,Maori Lank,Double hands and one shot:“what,Mom and Dad,The vast people can meet here,No wonder you are couples,This is the arrangement of fate!”

“Compared to fate,I believe that it is human arrangement.。”
Maori Xiaogiro is stinking a face:“No wonder Xiaolu, you have to come to the seaside,This is your plan,Contact 英 in advance,Bring me to the seaside。”
“dad,I do not know what you’re talking about。”
Maori Ming shook his head,Maori Xiaogulang and wife gross profit, divided into ten years,Positive anniversary,She decided to make two people returned to good,I have this kind of beach vacation.,to this end,She deliberately pushed the invitation of the bellhouse。
“Less nonsense,It is still planning to come now.”
Liao Jie:
Be ashamed,He just had an idea of rubbing sunscreen for Mao Lilan’s mother.,It’s awesome
Do not,It’s really the beast.。
“what,Jiege brother,How will you be here?”
I don’t pay attention to a three-port you are quarreling.,Mainly inserting no mouth,Four of Conan,Turned, I saw Liao Jie wearing tactical sunglasses.,Vomiting small channel:“what happened,I listen to the garden,You and Xiong Tabo brother becomes going to the mountains.,Why do you appear in the sea??”
“Just opposite,Because you know the garden will go to the mountain,I am afraid to meet you.,Specially pushed away the invitation of the male。”
Liao Jie takes sunglasses,Disappear:“阴 不 不 不,Why do you meet you?,Say,Who is the victim of today??”
“What are you talking about?,Even if you push the invitation of the male triple brother,No to the mountain,Never appear in the seaside。”Conan does not believe,Two steps after the head,He does not believe in coincidence,I really want to have one,It must be Liao Jie’s hands itchy.。
“I don’t want to,But girlfriend wants me to accompany her to see the sea.,I can only follow it.。”Liao Jie shrugged helpless。
“No way,You can find a girlfriend!”
Conan is shocked,Although Liao Jie’s color is not lacking,But the character is extremely bad,I can’t imagine that there will be a woman looks at him.。
Liao Jie raised his hand and blowing his fist,Say:“My girlfriend is next to Queens Hotel,I also live in tonight.,Itch can come to me at any time.,On top。”
“Deceive,I just came over from Queen Hotel.,The top-level suite is not allowed to rent。”
“Um,The hotel is home。”
hateful,This little white face must be eaten soft rice.。
Chapter 309 Mountain is not a mountain,Water is not water
Another punch,Liao Wenji:“Ghost,Are you talking about my bad words in my heart??”
“no,Not dare!”
“I don’t dare to forgive you.,After all, the head can’t stand it.。”
“Since you all know,Why do you still hit me??”
Conan voiceBB,Formereading, go out and wear the helmet,This way……
wrong,Think of Liao Wenjie and Jingzhen really non-human fighting,Wearing a helmet is more like provocative,Will only ask for hard。
“Don’t say stupidity,Everyone saw it,Not me hit you,But your head is on my fist.。”