Is the kung fu of a cup of tea,But it seems that a long time has passed,The masked man speaks again,The tone became extraordinarily cold,“Let‘Destroyer’Go。”

Shajir dare not answer,Asking for help looked at the standing middle-aged man。
“My lord,Just consulted a doctor,‘Destroyer’Immature,It’s better to send more people to expand the search,I go personally,I know this person。”
The masked man slightly closed his eyes,Like thinking about something。After a long time, he spoke,“Dear Zhang,The dying person doesn’t need you to do it yourself。Another interesting guy appeared on Della’s side,Go bring him。”
“Ready to serve。”The standing middle-aged man bowed his head slightly,So silent。
“Life or death,I want to see that person in one day!”The masked man suddenly turned his head and raised his voice to Shajir,“Let Gong San come over。”
Shajir was relieved,Accepted and immediately turned and left the secret room。
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Correspondent
A new situation has happened in the small town of Mengke, hundreds of kilometers away from the forest.,Tao Meng who was rescued finally awoke,He told Xu Wen about the attack,The thin old man described is actually very similar to Lao Lai’s posture,Even body odor is the same。
Quan Xingguo has been in charge of staring at this person for a long time,The other party didn’t show any flaws and feet,Definitely an old cunning man。
It seems it’s time to close the internet,Xu Wen threw a fist into the air excitedly,After telling Tao Meng to recuperate,And left the hospital in a hurry。
But on the way,Xu Wen was poured cold water on two sudden news.,Tian Xiong was killed at home,And Lao Lai has lost track since early morning。
“It’s 9:30 in the morning,Two full hours,The big living under my nose is gone?Why did you eat?!”Xu Wen couldn’t help being furious at Quan Xingguo。