Only Wang Ma was silent,Because he knew very well,Lu Menglin got the Horn of the Flies,Then the military of all countries should have learned how to deal with the force field,The outside world may all be eliminating the red zone,Where can they go?

“Be quiet!Everyone is quiet!Hear me out!”Wang Xi’an waving his arms,Shouted excitedly。
“Us people,Must unite,Only tied together,Power!We have to listen to Wang Ma,He is my boss!”Wang Xi’an shouted。
“Wangma boss,Just talk about it!What are we going to do?”Someone yelled。
Wang Ma pondered for a moment,Finally shook his head,Sighed:“By now,Only take one step and see one step!Let’s discuss terms with the army first!If they are willing to let us move,Evacuate first,Go find another red zone。If they disagree,Then call until they agree!”
“it is good!”
“Hit just hit!”
“Hit until they agree!”For a time,The crowd is passionate,Yelled one after another。
Wang Ma waved his hand vigorously,High voice:“Everyone be quiet,Hear me out!Are the six big gangs there?
?How many people came?”
This remark,Suddenly there was an applause all around。
“it is good!We are still based on people from the six major gangs,The high-end among you stay,Everyone else goes back,Contact people in the city,Let’s talk to the military,Once there is a result,Whether it’s war or peace,You all get ready。”Wang Ma said。
He knows,For the people in these other gangs,Can’t give too specific tasks,Can only let them do their own thing。
“Wang Xian,You are responsible for contacting our tea horse gang,And ordinary people in our sphere of influence,Prepare everyone,As long as the whole city cooperates,People in the blue zone may not dare to go too far。”Wang Ma ordered。
Wang Xi’an nodded,Lead away。
Soon,There are only two dozen left in this hall,All high-level mutants,Eight of them are from six major gangs,There are more than a dozen masters hidden in the city,If it weren’t for the blue zone army to block the city,They may not come forward。
I saw there are more than 20 high-level mutants in the city,Wang Ma is also pleasantly surprised,I feel this powerful force,It’s more certain to negotiate with the blue zone army。
“Everybody,We are all high-level mutants,I, Wang Ma, this time just represent everyone,No other ideas。We just need to get through this difficulty,Everyone is good friend,Only friendship,No distinction。”Wang Ma speaks,Is to make a stand,He wants to hold people’s hearts,Not fighting for rights。