So,Or let’s put……”Xin Zhao said this,I’m going to take the big sword off my shoulders。

“Ha ha,Bitch letter,Do you think I don’t know your name on earth?!”Angel Yan feels inside,There is a sense of joy that has never been before,She suddenly understood,Why would Rena bully Xin Zhao so easily?。
Ok,Although after each bullying,Will give Xin Zhao a little benefit。
This is the legendary hitting a stick,Give a sweet date。
If Xin Zhao knew that Angel Yan thinks of Reina like this,Xin Zhao will definitely fight with Angel Yan.。
First of all,Lena does like to make trouble sometimes,But she has never been a small help to Xin Zhao,And it’s the highest one。
Xin Zhao’s body lacks energy,Lena gave him energy regardless of hard work,During this period, many people discussed,But it was ignored by Lena。
of course,If Angel Yan wants to have a meeting with Xin Zhao
Some more private communication,Then Xin Zhao felt that there was nothing wrong with this humiliation。
Think of spoiling your own wife,Although not yet,It might be the guardian angel of the future。
“Lord Angel has heard of my name,Xin Zhao, I’m so happy from the bottom of my heart,But I always find it inconvenient to talk like this,If you like it, Lord Angel,Why don’t I turn around,Then we two have something to say。
After all, such a swordsman,I feel it will degrade the angel’s character,What do you say!”When Xin Zhao spoke with an angel,Although Angel Yan is not reconciled,But put down the weapon。
“You are right,Although you are cheaper,But as a noble angel,Shouldn’t be the same as you!”Angel Yan did not take back the sword in his hand,But directly hold the hilt with both hands,Stick in front of oneself。
“That is,Angels are a symbol of beauty,I also feel like an angel,Should not involve war,In this case, blood will always stick to it,I do not like!”Turned around,Saw the sword in Angel Yan’s hand,Xin Zhao is much more honest。
‘Stained with blood!’
Xin Zhao’s description is also appropriate,In the seven thousand years,Angel Yan has been fighting,fighting。
Because of age,She has a feeling of old Siji than other angels,But this is only compared to angels。
As a subordinate of Holy Keisha,Even the sacred left-wing angel Yan did not have too much of his own thoughts,All she thinks about is holding the sword in her hand,Fight the devil,Fight against those who are hostile to justice。
“I don’t like getting blood,If you can,I really want to stay in Merlot Heaven,If it’s okay, tease the newborn angels,How nice it would be to live like this。