[How to choose the baby’s first mouthful of rice noodles]_ infants _ how to choose

[How to choose the baby’s first mouthful of rice noodles]_ infants _ how to choose

Almost every family in the current family is a child, so the child is very careful about each child’s growth process.

In terms of diet, breast milk is the first choice, but breast milk has no nutrition at six months. At this time, it is unnecessary to add complementary food to your baby.

Generally, Baoma will choose rice noodles as complementary food for babies, so how to choose the first mouthful of rice noodles for babies?

First, how should a baby eat rice noodles for the first time? For mothers, it is not enough to know how to eat rice noodles for babies.

After picking the rice noodles, how to eat them is also a science. If the rice is not right, it will still harm the baby’s health. How can the light and tasteless rice noodles attract the baby’s appetite and test the mother’s cooking skills?

When we first started adding rice noodles, we let him eat less, because there are also some children who are allergic to rice noodles, so very little.

Eat a little less to avoid these problems. Start to add about 5 grams, which is a small spoon, about 2 for a spoon.

5 grams, a spoonful of two spoons, it is enough to prepare a paste for the child. Before eating milk, give a little mud for him to taste.

For the first preparation of rice noodles, use formula milk, breast milk or replaced apple juice.

Apple juice contains vitamin C, which can help your baby better absorb iron from rice flour.

Eat one or two spoons a day, and increase the consistency and thickness after your baby gets used to it.

In 4-5 days, you can add vegetable puree, carrot puree, egg yolk and other food to the rice flour.

Do not mix rice flour with milk.

The composition of fresh milk is different from that of formula milk and breast milk. If you give it to your baby too early, you need to add it. At the same time, the iron in fresh milk is not easily absorbed. Therefore, babies under 2 years old cannot drink fresh milk, and mothers should not use fresh milk.Milk powdered rice flour.

The first time you need to eat complementary foods, usually two or three spoons are good, so as to prevent the baby from digesting badly.

Second, choose your baby’s first food supplement 1. Rice noodles vs egg yolk: The first food supplement is preferably iron-containing rice noodles. Although the egg yolk is also rich in iron, most of the iron contained is trivalent iron, which is not easily absorbed, and the egg yolkWill increase your baby’s risk of allergies.

If you choose iron-containing rice flour, it is not easy to be allergic, and you can also add iron!

It can also be combined with some fruits and vegetables. These foods contain vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron.

2, rice noodles vs wheat noodles: rice noodles are still the first choice.

It is not impossible to eat wheat flour, but it should be added gradually after the baby is used to the rice flour.

Because the baby’s sensitivity is very strong, the wheat bran in wheat flour and some of the inherent ingredients in wheat can easily cause baby allergies and discomfort with rashes, but rice flour does not have this ingredient.

Rice noodles are preferred to reduce the possibility of allergies.

3, formula rice noodles vs homemade rice noodles: In fact, whether it is homemade rice noodles or formula rice noodles, as long as it is rich in nutrition, reasonable mix, easy to absorb, it is beneficial for babies.

But for parents, formula rice noodles is more convenient, and for babies, formula rice noodles have higher nutritional density and better.

If you make your own rice noodles, consider the taste, uniformity, nutritional content, and development of the baby’s digestive system.

In any case, with so many choices, you must choose your baby’s first complementary food.