Originally, I discussed how to deal with the monster.,I can say a two or two before dealing with the beast.。

Now that the enemy becomes a monster, he will say hello.,Ten people say ten kinds of patterns。
I can’t say that I can’t say it.,I want them to do things,No one can stand up。
“Xiao Da,You also know the character of these people in our village.,I like to say that I don’t have practical things.,Monster,Please please。”
“Other people in the village are ancestors in the past. They are facing the loess towards the world.,Even a decent household is not,I can http://www.jiajao.cn only kill the monster.。”
The voice of the village head is small,The voice of the old voice is trembled because of anger.。
Xiao Da looked at the village head,The right hand continues to make a unsecured beat on the knee。
The monster must not let go.,So big body,No matter which place appears in the village,Will cause harm to people in the village。
Xiao Da thought for a long time,Asked:“Who dares to kill the monster with me??”
Xiao Yun wants to talk,I was awkward by Xiao Da.,Let her ban。
More than 20 people in the room,No one out,The courage is hiding in the crowd covering his mouth.,I am afraid to get a little moving.。
Xiao Da also had a time to the room,Noisy argumentation,Only the breath of the wind。
“Xiao Da, they can’t。”The village head pinchs the fist,Very helpless:“Just kill the monster,I give you http://www.fhlove.cn two stone food every year in the village.。”
The villagers do not understand why the village head is going to seek Xiao Da,Mingming Hanjiang’s skill is also very good,Both people can kill the monster,Not necessarily death。
The old villager learned Hanjiang in a few people who didn’t like bragging.,This person is indeed weak。
But he knows more than the villagers,Compared with Xiao Da,Han Jiang is a foreign man。
Surministic strength,Han Jiang helps give Xiao Dagong,Don’t help others say nothing。
How may it be risky?,Xiao Da is hurt in a battlefield.,Han Jiang is not afraid?
Old village Changing Reflections,If Hanjiang is afraid,Directly refuse,Turn away,No one can say what he。
But Xiao Da is different,Xiao Da is the people in the village.,Ask Xiao Da,Han Jiang is likely to help the danger。
certainly,It’s just likely to be。
“I”Xiao Da hesitated,Stop the hand of the knee,I have a little bit of a point.:“Row!”
Xiao Da, hate the villagers said that,Bold nature,But he is finally the people in the village.。
“Cloud,Let’s go back first.。”Xiao Da continued to say:“village head,You sent people,The monster, if it appears,That will notify me。”
Finish,Xiao Yun held Xiao Da got up,Hanjiang three people turned out of the housemaster’s house。
The villagers in the room showed a happy and celebrated,I don’t have to use them to deal with the monster.。
Xiao Da returned home,Hand the Penjvan to Xiao Yun。
Xiao Yun took the preparation of the Polyteen to hang on the wall,Xiao Da grabs her daughter,Speak out:“Cloud,The monster, if it appears again,You will help me kill it.!”
Xiao Yun hands grabbed the Polytel to see his father,Subsequently nodded:“Daughter will help my father kill the monster。”
Han Jiang looked at this without any sound,The truth of the village is understanding Xiao Da.,Han Jiang is just a foreign country。
Shooting is the reason,Don’t shoot is this point。
Can Xiao Dahe and Hanjiang have a penetry,I can kill the monster in a meal.?
Tone and Hanjiang toat the face,Not as good as nothing。
Daughter practicing the sword for two years,Killing the monster is a experience before the army。
night,Han Jiang was arranged in the room by Xiao Da。
Said room,Where is the room?,It’s just a bed.。
Xiao Yun and Hanjiang have passed,Clean the room for guests。
Han Jiang wants to have been stopped by Xiao Yun.,“I am coming.,You are guest。”
Han Jiang looked at Xiao Yun to sweep the room,The whole process Xiao Yun said a word.。