Spring and summer alternate health regimen: nap can not be less than melon

Spring and summer alternate health regimen: nap can not be less than melon

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar.

China has been used to the past, and Lixia is the day when summer begins.

How do people come to health care when this spring and summer alternate?

It is worthwhile to understand and apply the following six health principles: 1.

The diet should be light.

In summer, the appetite is often weak. Try to eat light, eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

In addition, mung bean, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and other soups or tea, can clear away heat and detoxification.


Get enough sleep.

The living should be regular, go to bed early and get up early; pay attention to the ventilation of the room; maintain a calm state of mind; have a proper nap.


Do not overdose melons.

Although the fruit is beautiful, don’t overdo it.

Wash or peel before eating to prevent illness from entering the mouth.


Avoid sitting on a wooden bench for a long time.

In summer, the cracks in the wood will spread the moisture, and sedentary can cause diseases such as hemorrhoids, rheumatism and arthritis.

  5 nights do not sleep.

The temperature drops at night, and the difference between temperature and body temperature increases, which is easy to cause headache, abdominal pain, joint discomfort, indigestion and diarrhea.


No naps can be used.

Summer nap sleep, the brain and body systems are relaxed, which is good for afternoon work and study, and can prevent heat stroke.

  The best six foods should eat bitter vegetable hot tea in summer, the climate is hot in summer, the bacteria grow fast and grow, and there are many factors affecting the health of the body. It is recommended to provide six good diets to help you maintain health care.


The best seasoning vinegar.

Cool summer sweating, eat more vinegar, can increase acid concentration, help digestion and absorption, and promote appetite.

Vinegar also has a strong ability to inhibit bacteria, and can kill Staphylococcus aureus in a short period of time, and also has a preventive effect on infectious diseases such as typhoid and ulcer disease.

Drink more vinegar and quickly relieve fatigue.


The best soup dish tomato soup.

Tomato soup contains lycopene, which has certain anti-prostate cancer and heart-protecting functions, and is most suitable for men.


The best meat food duck.

Duck meat is almost completely essential for human body, and it can prevent disease treatment. The mystery lies in the duck waterfowl, which is cold and cold.

Judging from the principle of treatment of “hot person cold”, duck meat is especially suitable for people who have heat in the body and eat it, such as low-grade fever, weakness, less food, dry stool and edema.


The best drink hot tea.

According to tests conducted by British experts, the cooling capacity of hot tea is much higher than that of cold drinks, and it is the leader in summer drinks.  5,


It can effectively resist skin aging, reduce the production of wrinkles, prevent the prevention of cheilitis and angular cheilitis.

Fresh cucumber contains propanol diacid, which can effectively inhibit the conversion of sugar into feces, so eating cucumber can lose weight.


Honeydew melon.

Trace glucose, fructose, sucrose, malic acid, pectin, cellulose, also contains vitamins A, C, and protein. It has the functions of nourishing yin and nourishing the liver, benefiting the stomach and laxative. It can be used to treat palpitations, insomnia, anemia, nephritis., constipation, burns, etc.



Melon can clear away heat and relieve thirst, and the seeds can clear away heat and detoxification and diuresis.

However, spleen and stomach deficiency, bloating people do not eat; patients with vomiting blood, history of hemoptysis, gastric ulcer and high blood pressure are cautious.


Fresh lychee.

Fresh lychee vitamin C, can tonify the spleen and benefit the liver, thirst, reduce swelling and pain, antitussive and nourish the heart.

Applicable to weak body, lack of blood, stomach yin deficiency, but can not eat more at a time, so as not to get angry.