This sounds unremarkable,Can think about it,This amount is not light。Wang Youcai’s Erlang’s legs were immediately put down,I can’t help but sit up a lot。

The door opens,Walked in a fifty-something,Middle-aged man with gray hair。This man is short and fat,A Tang suit,Walk on,Quite majestic。Two people followed behind him,Seems to be a man and a woman。
“master!”When Luo Liuzi saw this person,Stood up immediately,Hands drooping,A face of piety。Wang Youcai couldn’t help standing up。
Middle-aged man ignores behind,But turned around,Said with the man behind:“President Xia should know this character from Pingdu, right?!”
Wang Youcai just looked at from behind the middle-aged man,He couldn’t help but cried out:“Xia Jian!why you?”
Xia Jian couldn’t help but laugh:“It turned out to be you,I heard that I brought dozens of people over to the place?”
“Hi!Where am i going,But my friend opened this club here,Someone deliberately found something,Just invited me over。She drove it,Manager Lan,You also know”When Wang Youcai saw Xia Jian,Like seeing a savior。
Lan Ling is such a smart woman,Listen to Wang Youcai’s words,She immediately remembered。Although she has met a lot of men,But people like Xia Jian are really rare。Because when Wang Youcai brought him over to play,He doesn’t even touch a woman’s hand。
“President Xia!Since you are here too,You have to decide this for me”Lan Ling said,A look of grievance。
The middle-aged man glared at Luo Liuzi,Asked coldly:“What the hell is going on?”
“master,Beauty International does not understand the rules,Do business on our site,Never say hello。So two days ago I came to take someone to play,Just moved this woman,I never thought she slapped me。You say i can swallow this breath?”
Luo Liuzi gets more and more angry,As if he was the wronged person。
“is it!This lady,Don’t do this if you pretend to be pure,Since I did this job,There are some things you have to endure,Otherwise, a slap will sometimes cause a big disaster”The middle-aged man suddenly said to Lan Ling coldly。
Wang Youcai saw that Xia Jian was here,He was not afraid anymore,He said loudly:“It’s wrong for you to talk like this。What happened to her?Does your guy think she has to listen to him?Don’t ask,What the hell did she do to him?Are you protecting a calf like this??”
“Wang Youcai!Be polite to Lei Ge”Xia Jian said aloud Wang Youcai。This sentence sounds like Wang Youcai,But when Wang Youcai heard,Xia Jian has started to talk like him。
The middle-aged man called Lei Ge by Xia Jian’s eyes widened:“Tell me the truth,Why are you bringing so many people here tonight?Good home care,The first floor is all the people you brought,You guys want to fight against the sky!”
Luo Liuzi is scared,Lowered his head in shock,Dare not say a word。
Lei Ge turned around,To Lan Ling:“Tell me the truth,Don’t make up,Otherwise you really don’t want to go down here”