Yan Biao shakes hands,Good guy does not mention the year,Those names, the name, he doesn’t say it.,Too long,One by one tells the monkey, the Moon is not necessarily finished.。

“Clever,You are not,I am!”
Knowing the autumn and one leaves, so he is in front of,Obolite image word on the mural,I am silent in my heart。
See half of it,I found out that I forgot the first sentence.,Another more,Don’t say all,Half of the chapters can’t remember。
Good memory is worse than rotten,He touched his arms,A sputum is consistent with cinnabar,Start sketch。
Yan Biai frowned,More than knowing the autumn leaves,The officers and men on the side are also hidden in the silent man.。
Although there are few words in these people.,Most will only write their own names,But Fujia three,Especially Fu Tianril,Absolutely the world。
I hope that these qualifications flat guys have made the law of the gold.,No vast doctors tell,But if you remember it.,Trafficking in the rivers and lakes or the court,It’s a hurry that is a hurricane。
Golden big sword,Lingri sword venting the entire wall,Wipe the image word all clean。
“senior,What are you doing??”
Know the autumn and one leaf,I have a good idea.,Destroy,I don’t have to cherish it too much.。
“The fairy is like this,Sometimes there must be,Life is not a moment!”
Yan Biai is cold,I have a few resent visit lines in the direction of the post-body officers and men.,Nowadays exploding。
Ear humming,A official soldier only,Shake sway and wake up,I found that the image word on the law in the mind is disappeared.,It’s actually a can’t remember it.。
“What look,Do you want to see if the sword of poor poor??”
Yan Bixia swept,It seems like a pot of cold water,Let the hearts of the officers and soldiers,I don’t dare to look at it.。
Fu Tianril is deeply sighing,I want to give this magic to the court.,To do the use of the domestic transport,Now the head is empty,I can only think about it in my dreams.。
But that’s okay,Taoist with a boy, his daughter,Just marry one go out,Can earn the Taoist to suppress the national transport。
This is stable!
“what,This is gone.”
Know the autumn and one leaves,He remembers a passage.,Ask back to ask Master,Can you rely on this paragraph?,Push the exercise of a refiner。
Left thousand:“”
Yan Chi Qixiao, didn’t put him?,Can he read a book,I only remember one sentence.。
Dare to ask,Does this skill practice??
In the whole hall,Only Yan Biansia and Liao Jie do not care,The former knows how to practice,It’s not a pity.,The latter is not forgotten in the brain.,Sulking。
“You,Full of brains,Corruption and love,I don’t know if they can only have one.,Four people,An empty。”Yan Biai coldly left a sentence,I have turned over and then watch them again.,Long sword,Clean other murals,See if there is any leakage。
“hehe,The world is very good,Only the fame is not forgotten,Where is the ancient and modern?,Wildness is not a pile of grass”
Liao Jie’s knowledge of the autumn one next to it,Hope to Yan Qixia,Side:“The world is very good,Only gold and silver can’t forget,I have only hateful,And getting more。”
Everyone is dead,Listening to this place,But directly refers to the seven-language poem,Take a thousand times in a time。
“The world is very good,Only a wife can’t forget,Junsheng said grace,I will die again.。”
“The world is very good,Only some children can’t forget,Infant parents come more,Who is filial??”
Fujia sister frowned looks at Liao Jie,A lot of poems,Mean at a glance,I don’t know if this poem is sent to the elders of his division.,Still he feels。
If the former is still good,If it is the latter,Don’t you already see the red dust??
then what do I do?x2
Fu Qingfeng bites his teeth,No problem,Xiao Qian girl works,Liao Jie has a loss,I want to see the red dust is not so simple.。