And the man wearing a mask,But it’s step by step towards Zhu Minglang,There seems to be molten liquid flowing on his body,It didn’t take long for the fiery red liquid to spread to a large pool on the ground。

Liquid like oil meets fire,Violent burning,The flames are high enough to cross the fence。
In the fire,A brown and golden creature seems to be called out from hell,Its majestic body stands tall in the blazing flames,The horrible breath is more like carrying a hundred ghosts in purgatory,Terrible!
“Take a good look at who i am!!”Luo Xiao’s anger surged from his heart,He is standing on the dragon’s horn。
Take off the face,Luo Xiao is about to glare at Zhu Minglang。
But the sky above the bridge,Zhu Minglang, who was still in front of him before calling the fire dragon, did not know when he disappeared,It feels like a moment。
This will run away???
Just when Luo Xiao was startled,On the lake path,Du Cheng and Zong Gong Si Xiong frowned one by one,Looking at Zhu Minglang and Bailong who stood in front of them。
Luo Xiao turned his head,Seeing Zhu Minglang ignores his existence,The whole person is about to erupt like a volcano!!!
Purgatory Molten!
He escaped from death in ancient mountains,Obtained this unparalleled purgatory molten fire,The old gilt fire dragon is already the purgatory fire dragon,He is different tonight!!
He wants to wish Minglang the first person to worship the fire dragon!!
“Recognize yourself well,For us in total,Some dragon shepherds are worse than beggars,Is a dog wagging for food!”Du Cheng sees Zhu Minglang block again,Even more disdain。
“Four elders,You go to deal with Li Yunzi,Luo Xiao and I dealt with the running dog that got in the way first。”
Sixiong immediately dispersed,Towards a different place to go to another courtyard。
Zhu Minglang didn’t intend to let anyone over,His palm gently stroked the fringed hair on Bingchen Bailong’s neck,It seems that the sky and the earth have been set up from the beginning。