“President Xia wakes up,Does it still hurt??”Guo Meili put the lunch box to Xi Zhen’s hand and said。

Xia Jian closed his eyes weakly,Be an answer。Guo Meili smiled and said:“Give you some porridge!The doctor said I can’t eat other things for now”
Guo Meili just finished,Xi Zhen came over with porridge,She sat on a stool beside Xia Jian’s bed and said:“President Xia!I’ll feed you some porridge,How much do you drink”
Xia Jian closed his eyes,Xi Zhen started to feed him porridge,Just ate a few bites,When Xi Zhen finds out,He has closed his eyes,Snoring slightly。
Guo Meili hurriedly said to Xi Zhen:”forget it!He is too weak,Let him rest for a while“
Once the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving water is over,Doctor Li arranged a blood transfusion for Xia Jian。But in these processes,Xia Jian never opened his eyes,He slept very sweetly。
About ten o’clock,Wang Lin with Dragon Ball,The two walked in in a hurryVIPWard。Wang Lin didn’t talk to anyone,But walked quickly to Xia Jian’s bed,He first looked at Xia Jian from top to bottom,I asked after reading it:“what’s the situation“
Guo Meili took the ins and outs of the matter,Tell Wang Lin in detail。Wang Lin,Said to Guo Meili with a serious expression:“Mr. Guo,Mr. Xiao speaks,Give President Xia the best treatment,If you can’t keep up here,Hurry up and arrange a transfer,All expenses,Borne by the group“
“From now on,This is no longer necessary,Because President Xia has woken up twice,Now is the recovery period,So more sleep is normal“Guo Meili said seriously。
Wang Lin nodded and said:“OK then!Here you leave it to me temporarily,You and Xi Zhen have a good rest,Let’s change shifts at night“
Guo Meili thought for a while and said to Xi Zhen:“You go back to rest,Come here to change me at night,If the doctor is in trouble during the day,I am more familiar”
Xi Zhen still wants to decline,But was pushed out of the ward by Dragon Ball。Wang Lin glanced at the tired Guo Meili and said:“You don’t go back,Then sleep on this accompany bed”
Guo Meili is also welcome,Because she is really sleepy。After Guo Meili fell asleep,Wang Lin whispered to Dragon Ball:“You go find Heiwa,Discuss well,Investigate everyone who had contact with Mr. Xia last night,J,Do you understand what i said?”
Dragon Ball nodded and agreed,So he opened the door of the ward and left。
Wang Lin looked at Xia Jian like this,Can’t help but feel sad。She held Xia Jian’s hand in her palm,Stroked gently,As if telling him,I’m coming,You can heal your wounds at ease!