Looking at Qin Feng,Although Jiang Yan is angry,But didn’t dare to let Qin Feng demonstrate。

Because Ping Jiangyan’s understanding of Qin Feng,If I say one more thing,Qin Feng might actually tear up the file,At that time,I really want to cry without tears。
“how,It’s you,Let me decide for you?”See Jiang Yan not talking,Qin Feng knows,Jiang Yan has made a decision。
“Sleep on sleep。”Qin Feng’s strength,Jiang Yan seems to have understood,Instead of being anxious here,It’s better to listen to him temporarily,Go take a nap first,I will wake up to work,I believe Qin Feng can’t say anything。
and,I don’t sleep with him,Waiting for Qin Feng to fall asleep,Can you work??
Jiang Yan has her own little nine in her heart,Turn around and go back to the room。
“Wait,Sit down first。”Watching Jiang Yan twisting her neck tiredly, leaving,Qin Feng stopped her immediately。
“What else,Can’t i go to sleep?”Jiang Yan was a little impatient,I’m so tired,I really don’t know what he wants to do。
“sit down。”Speaking of Qin Feng, he pressed Jiang Yan on the chair,Put your hands on Jiang Yan’s shoulders。
“Qin Feng,What do you want?”Jiang Yan originally thought that Qin Feng had something to say,Unexpectedly, he pressed himself on this chair again。
“Wife,I am your husband,What can i do,Look at you as if I want to harm you。”indeed,Jiang Yan’s reaction made Qin Feng a little bit dumbfounded。
If I really want to do something,That’s human nature,Although Jiang Yan looks charming at all times,But now I really don’t want to do。
“Then you let me continue working?”I heard Qin Feng’s words,After Jiang Yan’s brief embarrassment,Completed a smart counterattack。
“In your dreams,Tired like this,Still thinking about work,No matter how important work is,It’s also a matter of fate?You look like this,I feel distressed。”Qin Feng said,Has started the hand movement。
Although I know how to massage,Better understand human body structure,I saw all his fingers wandering on Jiang Yan’s shoulder and neck,After a short massage,Jiang Yan already has a great sense of comfort。
Shoulders not so
Sore,My neck is not so stiff。