Maybe he will think about it then,Do you want to be girlfriends with Lena?。

of course,Just think about it like this。
Xin Zhao in bed,Hear the voice of Qiangwei,But I didn’t hear what she said,Then blinked。
“Xin Zhao,Did you hear this?Then I will ask Qiangwei to ask!”Lena noticed Xin Zhao like this,I stretched out my hand and squeezed Qiangwei’s arm。
Qiangwei is speechless,Didn’t I just give you a hug?!
We are best friends,What are you doing so stingy!
“Letter,I ask you,When will you be better,This Lena bothers me every day,I can’t sleep well!”Qiangwei speaks this time,Increase the volume purposely,Then he provokes Lena to squeeze her again。
“Don’t talk in my ears if your voice is so loud!Almost deaf!”
“Don’t,I suddenly felt Reina’s body so warm,It feels like a warm baby,I’m not too uncomfortable!”Qiangwei said this,Then he whispered to Lena。
I heard Qiangwei’s words,Lena was taken aback,Reached out and touched her belly“Kiss today~Sad?”
Qiangwei nodded in embarrassment,His face is slightly red。
Fortunately Xin Zhao can’t move now,And the sound is too small,Otherwise Qiangwei will turn around and run away。
“No wonder you are so dishonest today,I’ll help you warm up,Stop making trouble!”Saying this,Lena put her hand directly on Qiangwei’s belly,Then a warm current enters directly~Into Qiangwei’s body,Make her scream~Groan。
of course,the voice very low,Only Lena heard。
“Lena, you really are a warm baby,If I had you in winter,It’s okay without the air conditioner!”after awhile,Qiangwei feels better,Then he joked to Lena。
Lena gave her a white look,She found out at this time,Rose is so skinny,I thought Qiangwei was a little colder,Qilin is a bit naughty,Then Rui Mengmeng is a good boy。
The result is now,Rose is skinned,Qilin has a gentle and intellectual side,Even Rui Mengmeng is angry at He Weilan for his comrade Liu Chuang。
“All right,You are here,Talk to Xin Zhao!”
“Now like this,Just let me talk,He can’t even move, okay!”Disgusting,Qiangwei stood up directly,And just sat down by the bed,Let Xin Zhao see himself with his eyes。