[Do you eat fatty meat for arteriosclerosis]_ fatty pork _ how to eat

[Do you eat fatty meat for arteriosclerosis]_ fatty pork _ how to eat

Arteriosclerosis is a common disease in life. Generally, patients will be accompanied by hypertension or hyperlipidemia, etc. Therefore, patients must give approval, and patients no longer need to be controlled by drugs in a timely manner.You also need to make adjustments in your diet. Eat more foods that are supplemented with snow high protein. Some patients want to eat fatty meat, so can arteriosclerosis eat fatty meat?

First, can arteriosclerosis eat fat?

If you eat fatty meat regularly, it will cause diseases such as hyperlipidemia, elevated blood sugar, cardio-cerebral vascular sclerosis, and intravascular injection.

At present, they are advocates of low-salt and low-fat diets, as well as strengthening exercise. If the disease state has occurred, it needs to be checked in time, and drug treatment to control the stability, and regular review.

Second, the nutritional value of fatty meat is not good enough, and it is easy to cause atherosclerosis. Saturated fatty acids with coronary heart disease are more than 40%. However, the fatty acids can be saturated and the excessive supplementation can be reduced by simmering through the flame.in accordance with.

According to the physiological characteristics of the elderly, the expected requirement is that the energy should not be too high, coupled with poor digestion. Therefore, the scientific answer is: the elderly do not have to excessively taboo on fat, but to a moderate amount.

Can arteriosclerosis eat fat?

Do not overdo it. Patients with arteriosclerosis can eat fish meat. In fact, the conversion of fish meat is very low, but the protein content is quite high. This can effectively reduce the body’s cholesterol content and control blood lipids.Eat red meat, some pork, etc. These foods can make the body’s condition worse.

Patients with arteriosclerosis can also eat sesame.

In fact, sesame is able to regulate human blood lipids, and the regulating function of plasma is very good. Sesame is rich in vitamins and various trace elements, but sesame has a high oil content, and everyone needs to control the amount.

Patients with arteriosclerosis also need to eat more onions. Onions have a very good effect of lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, which can effectively suppress the increase in blood pressure, and at the same time can prevent and prevent further aggravation, especially for hypertension, arteriosclerosisPeople such as cardiovascular disease are very suitable, and everyone eats a lot in daily life.