[Can you eat lotus seeds when you are pregnant]_Pregnancy period_Can you eat

[Can you eat lotus seeds when you are pregnant]_Pregnancy period_Can you eat

Pregnancy is not an easy task. Many expectant mothers pay more attention to diet. Many foods are contraindicated for pregnant women. Therefore, we must also understand what we must not eat during pregnancy and what we can eat., What can eat more, eat less, to avoid affecting the baby, today I will tell you about lotus seeds, lotus seeds are a heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, but pregnant women can eat lotus seeds?

How to eat lotus seeds best?

Are there any taboos for pregnant women to eat lotus seeds?


Lotus core tea: The benefits of Qingxinhuo lotus seeds are probably familiar to many people. They can nourish the spleen, nourish the heart, and soothe the nerves, but the small green lotus core is easily overlooked.

It is this inconspicuous little lotus core, but it can integrate a good summer heat effect.

“In the summer, when I feel particularly hot, I will make a cup of lotus core tea.

Not only can relieve the heat, but also relieve the bad mood of irritability.

Dr. Zhang said that the ulcer on the tip of the tongue is very uncomfortable, and drinking a lotus root tea can also crush the good relief effect.

It is said that the Emperor Qianlong spent summer every summer in the summer resort, and always used lotus leaf dew to make lotus cores. The brewed lotus core tea can nourish the heart, adjust vitality, and clear the heart.

The lotus core tastes bitter and cold, and the bitter food itself has the effect of reducing fire and heat, and the fire in the body has fallen, and the mood naturally calms down.

A handful of lotus cores and a pot of hot water simply create a good mood.

Can pregnant women eat lotus seeds?

Pregnant women can eat lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds have the effect of reducing fire. A small amount of intake is a good supplement for pregnant mothers, especially when pregnant women get angry during pregnancy. However, lotus seeds are not enough food. Do not eat too much at one time.

It is recommended to mix lotus seeds with red dates, red beans, lilies and other ingredients, and reduce the amount of lotus seeds in order to use good health effects.

These dietary treatments are relatively mild, and you can eat once or twice a week during the third trimester.

Lotus seeds are eaten raw, especially sweet and thirsty, and have the effect of clearing the fire.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that fresh lotus seeds and fresh lotus seeds inside have the effect of removing heart fire and lowering blood pressure.

With its melon as a sweet soup, it is refreshing and delicious.

What are the taboos for pregnant women to eat lotus seeds: 1. It is best to distinguish between real heat and virtual fire in order to treat symptomatically.

If it is a false fire, you can use Ziyin to remove the false food.

The pregnant women are generally hot because of their blood, which is suitable for taking good health, but they should not be taken in excess to prevent damage to the fetal gas.

2. Those who have dry stools should eat less lotus seeds and astringent bowels to stop diarrhea, and those who have dry stools should not use it.

If pregnant women have severe dry stools, eating too cold lotus seeds will cause physical discomfort, which will also be affected. Due to yin deficiency and internal heat, dry bowels caused by dry bowels and blood dryness, it will inevitably be eaten to collect astringent wounds.Product.

3. It is not advisable to take lotus seeds on an empty stomach.

The lotus seed heart is the green germ in the mature lotus seed kernel. Folks often use tea to drink, which has the effect of clearing heart fire and stopping nocturnal emission. It is the best food for insomniac patients who are not in the heart and kidney and have yin deficiency.

Those with cold stomachs do not drink lotus seed heart tea.

Lianzixin is cold and is not suitable for long-term use. People who have a cold-correcting constitution have a bad effect and are not good for their health.

In fact, although there are many places for pregnant women to pay attention to, they should not be too nervous. Proper diet and rest can also make the diet healthy.