China Bank of China Weihai Branch successfully held Puhui Finance "100 Agiles" Yin Enterprise Diens and "Special Jingte New" Qilunhang

According to the country’s responsibility, fully serve the local entity economy, deepen the practice of practicing 1 + 6, and extend the construction of 3 + 2 + 3 cultural construction, actively developing the Pratturation, and has held a number of hundreds of hundreds of silver enterprises in the early stage.

Since 2019, 6 passengers have docked, accumulated more than 200 small and micro enterprises, providing credit support for more than 1 billion yuan. The hundreds of thousands of silver enterprises and the special refinement new Qilu Bank activities. Weihai Science and Technology Bureau, Industrial and Information Technology Bureau, Market Supervision Administration, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Local Supervision Administration and other departments and people’s banking market branch, the banking insurance supervision branch and other supervision units, Branch Director Liu Guoqing, general manager of Puyi Division, Branch, Branch of Pu Wei Division, eight governors and customer managers, 38 companies with financing demand attendings. According to Zhou Guociting, Deputy General Manager, the deputy general manager, the deputy general manager, Zhao Water, Puyi Division, Private Bank, relevant team supervisor, and approval.

Taiwan, help specializing in new, technology-based enterprises better understand the Popular products, and increase the support for specializing the new, technology-based enterprise credit support.

Xu Jing, deputy Xu, deputy, the responsibility of the Bank of China, expressed the affirmation and praise of the princes of Weihai Municipal Institutions to support the support of science and technology, innovative enterprises. Confidence.

The appeal to the excellent business representative will make full use of this event, actively strive and fully use good bank quality credit support funds, help technology, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, provide financing services for the Green Economic Development in Weihai. , The leader Ding Ruiang is said that it is the blood of economic development, and the prosperous future is the future.

Effectively support the entity economy, and do a good job in doing a good job is both the party’s call and requirements, and it is also an unshirkable and responsibility of the BS.

The event has greatly deepened the three-party cooperation between the political and silver companies. The Bank of China Weihai Branch will provide better financing services to the general technology enterprises, and specializing in new enterprises, and specializing in new companies. The head of the division of the division of the Division, in the perspective of the majority of small and medium enterprises, the doubts of corporate financing conducted a deep analysis of the issue of corporate financing, from the perspective of enterprises’ growth. Liu Zuqing, deputy director of private banking department, explained a private banking product such as family trust, meeting the needs of enterprises.

The professional approval team introduces the business situation and financing needs, and determines the initial credit plan through a pair of negotiations and the on-site answers of the provincial examination and approval.

After the counterpart, Comrade Zhou Guiting presided over the project’s policy meeting, and the feasible examination of the participating project was conducted, and issued a preliminary approval, realized the pre-approval process, and improved the accuracy of credit.

A total of 35 companies reached a cooperation intention, intended to credit the amount billion.

Good 100-member silver enterprise docking program, do subsequent credit support work.

Bank of China Weihai Branch will also provide a package of service, fully support the development of PE Hui business, and support local small and micro enterprises, continue to improve the effectiveness of service entities, and comprehensively show the state-owned big line of travel. strength. (Zhang Guimin) Responsible Editor: KJ005.