This way to eat hot pot, full of appetite and health

This way to eat hot pot, full of appetite and health

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the ones who love the hot pot are starting to shake their hands again and search for new stores.

In fact, eating a hot pot is also a matter of learning. It is not only simple to satisfy the desire of the tongue but also to exert health effects.

When the vegetables are cooked, many diners often try to eat fresh and tender, and eat the ingredients a little bit. This kind of eating habit is very unsanitary.

A better way is to cook the meat, fish, and seafood in the pan and cook the vegetables until they are cooked for five or six minutes. Cook the pan and cook for about half a minute before you start to enjoy the delicious.

At present, domestic livestock, poultry, vegetables, etc. are produced and transported, and there are a large number of unsafe factors. Fresh food placed on the table often contains pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs or pesticide residues. If eaten at a glance, harmful microorganisms invade the human body, resulting inVomiting, diarrhea, headache, high fever and other diseases are very risky.

For health, or sacrifice the taste, eat the food thoroughly and eat it.

It should also be noted that if vegetables are continuously cooked in a hot pot, their nutrients and vitamins are easily destroyed, and the umami taste should be lost.

Therefore, how to make the hot pot maintain the original flavor as much as possible without losing nutrition, and also meet the hygiene requirements. It is not easy to master the hot pot “fire”!

The vegetarian diet is more common with the purin hot pot on the table. The eating habits are also not good for health.

Along with the application of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, additives and other chemical substances in food production and processing, the internal metabolic organs of animals contain the highest levels of pathogenic microorganisms and drugs, and often become “filters” and “storage devices” for harmful substances.Especially liver and lung.

In addition, livestock viscera, seafood, beef and mutton, mushrooms and other ingredients due to the large amount of mites, it is easy to cause uric acid deposition in the blood, causing winter “gout.”

The best way is to pay attention to the vegetarian diet when eating hot pot, eat more vegetables, tofu, white lotus and other foods with high vitamin content, enough to eliminate oily greasy, but also cool, to fire, detoxification, is the body tonic”good medicine.”

Drinking old soup to ensure health Because the viscera contained in the animal’s internal organs, meat, seafood and other ingredients can be fully dissolved in the soup, excessive supplementation of old soup is likely to cause supplementary deposition, metabolized into uric acid by the liver, causing renal dysfunction, and excretion is blocked.Inspire or aggravate gout.

Therefore, drink plenty of water when eating hot pot to facilitate the discharge of uric acid.

Friends who like to drink soup should also be early, the longer the time is spent, the harmful residues contained in the soup, such as the content of nitrite, can be used, so that the possibility of illness can be.

Ningshe Sanxian Mo eats too hot Every year after entering the winter, the “hot one and three fresh” hot pot culture is just right, the number of patients with oral diseases will be more than 15% more than other seasons.

Usually, the temperature of the hot pot soup can reach 120 ° C, if you take it out, it is easy to burn the mouth, tongue, esophagus or gastric mucosa.

Implantation of oral mucosal leukoplakia, implantation of moss and other oral diseases, the recurrence machine will be several times higher, in severe cases will induce esophageal cancer.

In addition, eating hot food will destroy the tongue’s taste system and reduce the taste function. It will affect the appetite and induce tooth and upper gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, keep in mind the old saying that “I can’t eat hot tofu”, the food is cool and cool and eat healthier!

Healthy and reasonable mix of mutton and vinegar should not be eaten together.

Mutton is hot, qi and tonic, should be matched with cool or Ganping dishes; vinegar contains protein, sugar, vitamins, acetic acid and various organic acids, its acid temperature, swelling and promoting blood circulation, should be combined with cold food.
When drinking white wine, it is not advisable to eat beef, because the beef is warm, and the qi is used to help the fire; the white wine is warm, and the beef is mixed with the oil, which is easy to cause inflammation of the gums.

Potato radish should not eat fungus. If you eat it together, it will cause dermatitis. Potatoes are popular vegetables in hot pot, but if you use banana as a postprandial fruit, it may cause facial plaque.

Spinach contains oxalic acid, which will prevent the absorption of calcium and iron in food. It is best not to smash it with other foods in a row.

Don’t be tempted to drink beer cool.

Because the cockroach substance in the hot pot soup will be converted into uric acid in the body, and the decomposition of beer pushes uric acid into the joints or soft tissues of the human body, causing gout. In severe cases, complications such as kidney stones and uremia may occur.

In addition, the way of eating cold and heat interactions is also easy to damage the gastrointestinal tract.

Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high blood fat should eat less foods such as shrimp dumplings, meatballs, etc.; kidney disease, high blood pressure patients should drink hot pot hot soup; people with diabetes should pay attention to thick seasonings.Irritating (such as sand tea sauce, chili sauce, etc.).