Taiyuan Gu County will have a flower light

This newspaper Taiyuan Gu County November 18th news, 2022 Taiyuan Gu County City Lantern Festival will be held from January 25th to March 5th. 150 groups of large-scale colorful lamps will be amazed, add a bright landscape to Taiyuan Gu County. Taiyuan Gu County Lantern Festival, with the theme of "Jinxiu Taiyuan Chinese New Year Feng Dance", will across the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and the second day of the lunar calendar. The lamp will have a total of 150 large lamp groups, including a large lamp group of 30 meters long and 12 meters, will fully adopt "row, color, sound, light, light" and other lanterns, with large volume, colorful, rich in connotation specialty. During the flower light, in addition to the colorful lights world, the 11th city non-legacy cultural programs will be staged, and it is very exciting.

Specifically include: Yuncheng Yucheng Drum, Jincheng, the party eight sound meeting, Linyi Wei Feng, Datong, Zhangzhou North Road scorpion, Jinzhong Fu Mountain, Zhuzheng, Changzhi Shang Dynasty, Taiyuan Jin Drama, Zhangzhou Yun Shenggui drums, Yangquan set the martial arts drum, Lu Liang Xiaoyi puppet play.

Jinyuan District’s dragon boat, dance dragon, dance lion, stepping on stilts, twisted singles, backons, iron bars, excavation, float parade, etc. will also bring festive and lively. The relevant person in charge of Taiyuan Gu County, said that during the flower light meeting, the "small years" "Spring Festival" "Spring Festival" "Flower Lights" and other four major new year themes, with a three-way human characteristics, Visitors can enjoy the taste of the year, enjoy the folk, watch the lantern, guess the riddle, see the non-legacy performance, and feel the charm of traditional Chinese venues in immersive interaction.

(Jia Shangzhi, Guo Huayu).