“I brought a card。”Nan Ge said。

“play cards?OK!”
Two children don’t know much about strength。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 266 Why push me to 槐
“It seems to be more likeon.。”
There is a shadow on the mountains in the mountains.,Should be people,In addition, he also heard someone in the left forever.。
Sunshine penetrating mist sprinkles in this peach blossom,Add a shot of the spring,It’s just a good time.。Think about it,The epidemic broke out for more than a month.http://www.muers.cn,Everyone must be crazy.。
Nan Ge went to the forehead,Dull,The head did not return:“Everyone is definitely played in noon or in the afternoon.,Talents who have problems with their brains will come over in the morning,Cold even,Dew is not dry。”
I wish the double and Ibbenge each other,Don’t dare to scream。
It is Zhou Zhi.,Speak:“You jeal yourself?”
“I am not a fool.……”
Nan Ge said in front,Suddenly jumped up,High hand to touch the peach branch,Like a show yourself and bouncing,After falling, she continued to say the second half.:“I just moved a fool.。”
I wish the pairs and Ibbidders to oppose each other.。
Zhouzhi is embarrassed,He thought about it:“I just want to come out.,Can you eat a lunch?。”
“You are afraid, I want to come out soon, see Nan Ge.?”I wish the double。
This younger brother,http://www.jszsaz.cnNan Ge said he dare not dare,Tell himself, it is a good platform.,Zhou Ji brittle closes the mouth,I don’t believe that I can be can’t be said.。
It is the nanta.,Haha laughed a few times,It’s also a branch that is more touched.。
Also touched again。
The residual dew is shaken down,Almost from the head behind the head。
I wish the Shuangli Ma Cavid Road:“Nan Ge, you play so good,Shooting basketball,Definitely win the championship。”
Nan Ge posted:“I am a coach.。”
Wish:“Oh, right……”
This child is not saved.。
Back to them‘Camp’Time,Wei sister is full,Sitting on the edge of wild meal,Peach tree,Look back,Holding a can I don’t know cola for drinking light.,Eye is half-eyed,A pair of enjoyment to the ultimate expression。
The group is standing in the wild meal,Fully buried the head in a box of http://www.weiyijiu.cn roast chicken wings。
“Wei Jie is like a drunk Tang Bohu。”I wish the double say。
“I said it before I went.。”
“You and Wei Shijie are also very familiar.?”I wish the two-cost thinking,He is more understanding about the high school life of my brother.,He knows that his brother is basically no friend.,Bone and cold,In the end, I can only blame Wei’s sister is the girlfriends of Nange.。
“I’m going to go in two.。”
“Oh oh。”