“No way,There is no room for negotiation。We are businessmen,But what I value most is the interests of the local people,This kind of harm to their interests,Our venture group will never do”Xia Jian said decisively。

Hu Huiru’s face changed,On her beautiful face,Suddenly there was an indescribable domineering。She said coldly:“Xia Jian!I want to join hands with you so humble,Not afraid of you,You have to figure this out”
“President Hu got it wrong, right!I never thought anyone would be afraid of me”Xia Jian said,Stood up。
The atmosphere in the house looks awkward,It was a lively scene just now,But the look in front of you,I can’t even think about it。Hu Huiru never thought,This Xia Jian turned out to be the master。
This embarrassed Yao Junli,Because of what they are talking about,She couldn’t get in a word。She can only sit there alone drinking。If she knew it would end like this,Kill her,She won’t come。
“Okay, Mr. Hu!Thank you for your hospitality, I am leaving”Xia Jian stood for a while,Calm down,Then said something like this,Turn around and go。
Hu Huiru held a sigh of relief in her heart and didn’t come out yet,She yelled:“You can go,Close the bill。I don’t want you to eat this meal for nothing”
“No reminder,I meant it a long time ago”Xia Jian laughed and opened the door and really left。
Hu Huiru chased to the door,Speak loudly:“Don’t forget,Pingdu is not the world of a single person,You go and see,Undecided”
This woman looks so beautiful,Going crazy makes Xia Jian a little bit jealous。He couldn’t help speeding up,I walked to the front desk and took out my bank card。
“sorry sir!We only accept cash here,Which room do you belong to?”The female cashier said with a smile。
Xia Jian wanted to shout,But then think about it,This is not a cashier’s business,It’s disgraceful to lose her temper,And it can’t solve the problem。
“VIP Room on the second floor”Xia Jian reluctantly said something,Then turned around and looked at the door,Such a luxurious hotel entrance,No one doesn’t even have an ATM, right?!
“Sir, you can go, The money for this room was paid before dinner”Female cashier looking at the computer,Explain to Xia Jian、
I’m going to you uncle!Xia Jian cursed inwardly,Turned around and walked out of the hotel。It turned out that Hu Huiru was playing tricks on him,He is serious,Really paid to pay。