This is already the last price of Chu Deirers is not a low price.,But there is no room for bargaining。

As long as the Chu deer wants,Cayout your hand,You can make a small pearl powder!
Because I don’t want to let Zhao ignore become mad dogs,Especially still staring at the mad dog,Plus, the heart is in the ancient three links.,It is also very important,So the Chu Deirers can’t really destroy this matter.。
Zhao ignore the magic work that is not handed over,Chu Deirers also obviously won’t let him wish!
“Eight pole magic?This is your name?”Zhao ignores a clear laugh,Follower:“You determine what you want,This release I am teaching you too.。”
Zhao ignored it very confident,Chu Deirers also faintly understand the reasons for his confidence
Eight pole magic work、Release me,Speaking of it is the location of the Tanian of the heavens and the earth。
This party,Only one Dantian,There is only one person in the world.,Can truly practice me,Other cultivation,But it is a wedding dress for others.。
Zhao ignore this martial art,Name as the release, I am interpreting, I really?He has seen the world as herself,The ambition is more than the previous Sweight Dafa“plunder”Have a heart even more。
The Chu Deiren listened to his release.,I understand that I can’t advise him to hide.
Chapter 11 Assassinate
Zhao ignored the mermaine small pearl,Chu Deiren got me released me,I also received the contact of Jinghu North Road, Zhao’s ignorant.。
After getting this martial art,Chu Deirers already understand,The battle with Zhao ignorant cannot be avoided,Not saving the heart,Zhao ignore can satisfy。
Scenery,But only“plunder”,Every after use,In addition to the hindrance,It will also make the mood and more plunder、Cruelty。
And let me go further,Not“plunder”The problem,But think that everything in the world should be your own!
The old monkey is now,The heart should be his,The throne should be his,The world should be his
Zhao ignorant is so easy to hand over this martial art.,It is also because there is only one person in the world.,Can be able to open this world、That is the extreme!
Zhao ignore it does not believe it at all,Chu Dee people can fight for him,Even if the Chu Deirers compete for this,Instead, his own skills,Reverse Zhao ignored。
Bulk’s martial arts,Nature also seen this,No life。
But Zhao ignored,Sitle“Dantian”,You can have no way to release me.,It is also the Chu Deer.。
“I must give you a surprise when you arrive.”Chu Deirers 嘀咕。
Herein,Chu Deirers are ready to go to Xiangyang。
One is giving yourself、Time to give God Hou,The two are now not grasp,Can eat each other,Also taboo each other’s recovery;Second, because Wu Sangui wants to and Yongyuan Union,So, Fuyang is indeed。
Zhao ignore only left it to yourself,Contact information from each government officials in Jinghu North Road,But the Chu Deirers have already set up ideas,At that time, the embassy of Jinghu South Road was also slaughtered, after all, Jinghu South Road is enriched.,It is the Ling Ti retreat that Chu Deiren wanted to kill.!
I have always missed it.,And the Chu Deirers have a few years in the past few years.,Fair to stop,Also too lazy to find him。
And the Chu Deirers are also thinking,By the way, he left him to Di Yun
How is Di Yun actually happen to happen?,For several years,Ling Si still lives well!
certainly,Chu Deirers also understand,It is very likely that Di Yun is a scruple.,Ding“wife”After all, it is a daughter of Ling Si, although it is also a daughter of his own life.、Killed ding,It is also the gang of murderous Di Yun,But Di Yun is an old man、This points,Need to report、Not report。
Ling Si is not directly to provoke the Chu Deirers.,So the Chu Deirers also did not specifically chasing him.,But now you caught up,Naturally“People from harm”。
Before going to Fuyang,Chu Deirers are ready to buy some small gifts,Otherwise, Guo Wei does not say it even in his mouth.,Heart is definitely disappointed。
Not waiting for Chu Deeng Departure,When I was still in the city at noon,Tag fetures have repeatedly、Herone is Wei Xiaobao’s magic outbreak。