Deep White and Golden Rose know that there is not enough time to dismantle the bomb,But still trying to climb。

Other people look at it from another angle,The two of them seem to be stuck3The position in the mid-air on the top of the building……
“This scene is a bit familiar!”Searching wildly in Zhang Song’s mind,“Isn’t this the same as when I was stuck??”
“It seems that only Master can save this situation!”Zhang Song is fortunate that Lu Yi is in his phalanx,“If you’re on the other side, you won’t be killed?”
“Look!They are only one finger away to touch the bomb!”Zhao Ping watched the lively mentality and admired the other party’s efforts。
“Haha!I’m so laughing,Can actually play games like this!Master Lu really has a set!”Guo Yinzhe was amused by funny pictures。
With a loud noise,The original lively street battle map has returned to calm。
“Five people in one bomb?What is this?!”
The golden rose suddenly stood up,Overturned the computer monitor……
“Street Fighting Map”Is an old map that has gone through countless versions,Just reset the map3all over,The past did hide a lotBUG,But theseBUGAfter countless matches, players who dare to explore are basically ruled out.……
Golden rose never thought,Someone will be carded on this map one dayBUGform,Win easily,It just made her faceless。
“shame……What a shame……”
She picked up the wine glass on the side and took a quick sip,I want to calm my fluctuating mood……
“After he installed the bomb3Jumped downstairs,Isn’t it because I gave up the game?But sure we can’t dismantle the bomb?!What kind of monster is this?!”Express my opinion。
“undoubtedly,Met a master……Still a rogue master!”The golden rose scolded。
“It seems we can’t blameC-6Newcomer to class,No wonder being1V5,It turns out that the opponent has the strength of military,There are also evil operations……”Sighed deeply。