Only Xiang Chen,Staring at the roast duck and goose on the table,There is no time to remove the packaging of the takeaway,Lost in thought……

Chapter Two Hundred and Eighth Not afraid
Han Zhili looked at his daughter with satisfaction,There are trees in my family!Although my daughter did not cook for herself the first time,But can make up a table of food,Han Zhili already thinks this is something to show off。
But thinking of my daughter’s hard work in and out of the kitchen is not for me,Han Zhili’s heart is a bit unpleasant,When I looked at Xiang Chen next to me,It’s also changed from being full of comfort to looking like a torch。
I felt Han Zhili’s gaze,Xiang Chen couldn’t help being taken aback。
Thinking about what it has to do with me?Only a moment,The words of the three consecutive questions in life were fed back to Xiang Chen’s mind from Xiang Chen’s eyes。
Then Xiang Chen also saw Xiang Yang’s eyes,After that, Yuan Qing and Aunt Zhang,Finally, the Korean with expectation on his face。
Everyone’s meaning is simple,That’s waiting for Xiang Chen to brag about Korean Xiang。
A girl usually cooks instant noodles best,I’m already cooking now,Is it as a man,Don’t you want to compliment?
Xiang Chen understood the meaning in everyone’s eyes,But when I turned around and saw the food on the table,It is inevitable that there will be some confusion for a while。
Roast duck and goose are obviously not something home cooks can cook,Other cuisines also carry the packaging of a little chef……
However, Xiang Chen’s eyesight is worthy of his own career after all,The color on the table is indeed difficult to find a place to praise for a while,But due to the pressure around,Xiang Chen still found the handwriting that belongs to the Korean Xiang at the fastest speed。
“I used to think that Officer Han’s instant noodles and bread were good,Now it seems that the skill of cutting vegetables is also top-notch!This cold dish has thick and thin cuts,Although only bean skin and green pepper,But it’s also colorful!”
Xiang Chen said in admiration,At the same time, I don’t forget to give a thumbs up to Korean。