“I,I invite you to dinner?”Su Xuehen answered cautiously。

I don’t know when it started,She doesn’t know what this guy is thinking anymore,I don’t seem to have anything to impress him。
“OK!I can eat the rice you cook,it’s my honour。”Lu Menglin tilted his head,Said with a smile。
“I cooked by myself?”Su Xuehen was slightly taken aback,I didn’t expect that the other party would understand his intention to this extent。
“Don’t you know how to cook?”Lu Menglin pretended to be surprised。
“No,No!I will。”Su Xuehen’s voice is very soft,Like a gnat。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“That’s good!Let’s go shopping together!The meat dishes in this a la carte market are the freshest,My mom often goes in the morning。”
Su Xuehen bit her lip lightly,His face seems a little helpless,But had to nod again。
Two people walking side by side,Walk out from the school gate,The sycamore leaves on both sides of the road are blowing in the breeze,Like waves,The morning sun is scattered from the gaps in the leaves,Map the ground into countless light spots,Can Ruo Xingchen。
The vegetable market at this moment is already full of people,From time to time there is the sound of cock and dog barking。
Square dance is not very popular in this era,So those energetic aunts always like to go to the vegetable market as their fighting center,Bargaining with vegetable vendors is their tireless activity。
When Su Xuehen, who looked at a loss, was taken to the vegetable market by Lu Menglin,She soon fell in love with the lively and lively taste of the market。
There are fresh and pleasant vegetables everywhere。Fresh meat just slaughtered is placed on the chopping board,There is even a hint of heat。
The aunts squatted on the ground,Use your fingers to pluck the live fish and shrimp in the foot basin,As carefully as picking a pet。
Su Xuehen rarely comes to the vegetable market,Especially in this time period,Everything in front of her,All so fresh。
From junior high to high school,For six full years,Su Xuehen almost spent time on campus,Even when there is no class on the weekend,I’m basically reviewing my homework,For her,Learning is the only important thing in these six years,Everything else can give in。
When the college entrance examination is over,The six years of hard work for it has come to an end for now,Lost the so-called goal,That’s why she thinks everything in the vegetable market is fresh,Very interesting look。