He Ting Hu Ting set Xiao Dingquan Lu Wenxi and the prince controversy as warm

“He Ting Hu Ting” set Xiao Dingquan Lu Wenxi and the prince controversy as “warm”
Yang Wenjun, director of “Herring Huating”, accepted an exclusive interview with Sauna Ye.com and stated that the relationship between Xiao Dingquan, Lu Wenxi and the crown prince is a “warm spot” in “Herring Huating”, “This kind of friendship between womenIt is very heart-warming.”The roles of Luo Jin and Li Yitong meet each other.The picture comes from the online story. When the episode is more concerned about emotional dramas, it reveals the contradiction between the emperor Xiao Ruirui Jian and the prince Xiao Dingquan.In the reversal mode, the plot is also a dark line, and the bright line goes hand in hand, especially the power contrast between the crown prince and the crown prince. The incident of Zhang Neiren’s fall on the day of the crown prince’s crown ceremony is a small climax in the first episode of the plot.Around this event, who is the real murderer behind the scenes? Various reversals have occurred between the prince and the crown prince, to a certain extent, breaking the audience’s “conventional” double-speed chase mode.The opening chapter “Strong Plots Go Faster” has also become a direct motivation for the show to quickly attract many young audiences, and some netizens will use the rhythm and American dramas of “Her Wah Pavilion”, but in Yang Wenjun’s view, the plot and rhythm are for the characters.Yang Wenjun admitted that he usually likes to watch American dramas, from “Garyson Death Squad” to “Lie and Little Lies”. He feels that American dramas have gradually entered the inner world of characters from the strong plots of the past years. “The lively is always the outside.For a while, in the end people still care about the spiritual world.Therefore, in “Herring Huating”, I am more concerned about emotional dramas, not just the feelings of men and women. In this drama, the feelings of teachers and students, the feelings of father and son, the feelings of brothers, I think every young person will like these things.From the emotional system, I think it will attract young people.”The love line of the love story” Herring Huating “is not very important.Yang Wenjun admitted that the heroine did not appear until five or six episodes, which is a taboo in other TV series, but he feels that this is the natural state of the relationship between the characters, and the hero and heroine rarely really express together in the drama.Feelings, “There is a very restrained and restrained feeling between them, and there are many times that I can’t say it. Not to say, this is a very implicit love story.In Yang Wenjun’s view, the most tacit understanding between Lu Wenxi and Xiao Dingquan is the spiritual world. Lu Wenxi has seen the beauty of the mountains and rivers that Xiao Dingquan has not seen and the price of freedom.The place where Xiao Dingquan had been farthest in the palace from his childhood was the palace outside the door. He was very longing for everything he described outside, including his longing for freedom and love.”He was very envious of Lu Wenxi’s free world, but he didn’t expect that Lu Wenxi later went to the palace and to his side, but he was imprisoned in this ‘cage’ like him, but he could not meet each other when he met.”He Ting Hu Ting” is filled with a sad color.The picture comes from the growth experience of Xiao Dingquan on the Internet and the director fits in the many characters in the whole drama. Yang Wenjun likes Xiao Dingquan the most. This is a “little timid but brave” character. “His bravery is manifested in the people he wants to keep around.He wanted to defeat his opponent, want to be affirmed, and wanted to keep his position as the prince. For the entire country and the people of Limin, he could sacrifice part of his own ideals, ambitions, and even attachment to his loved ones.”Xiao Dingquan and Yang Wenjun’s own growth experience is also very close, Yang Wenjun grew up in Jiangnan area, Shanghai Songjiang area in his view is the” Huating “in the play.Yang Wenjun was a strict family tutor since he was a child, and had high requirements for reading. He may also have a more restrictive personality and less talkative, but he has many ideas in his heart.”When I saw this novel, I especially felt the image of Xiao Dingquan.”Xiao Dingquan’s appearance is elegant, slender and weak, like a” crane “, but in Yang Wenjun’s opinion, he is actually a raptor and can fight” eagle “.” Xiao Dingquan’s character is particularly capable of driving my creativity. “”Father and son, the master-student relationship reflects the traditional father-son relationship,” He Ting Hua Ting “, which most impressed the audience and the bond between Emperor Xiao Ruijian and Prince Xiao Dingquan.In Yang Wenjun’s view, this is a special relationship between the royal father and son, “Of course, he loves this child in his bones, how can he not love?””But as the future crown prince, the emperor had to guard him.The play shows the traditional Chinese father-son relationship.The picture is from an online drama. Xiao Dingquan and teacher Lu Shiyu went very close.The emperor’s love for Xiao Dingquan is a majestic father, especially in the first half of the episode. The father’s extreme strictness with his son caused a slight estrangement between father and son at the beginning.This relationship also caused Xiao Ruijian to often look at Xiao Dingquan and Lu Shiyu with jealous eyes, and the three of them just reflected the father-son relationship in the traditional Chinese concept. “The Chinese traditional concept is very concerned about father’s prestige, he does notI will open my heart completely with my children, but there must be a channel.Xiao Dingquan has no mother, and this exit is only for the teacher.”There is a detail in the play. Xiao Dingquan often subconsciously wants to get close to Lu Shiyu and wants to touch Lu Shiyu. Lu Shiyu opens his hand quickly, and Lu Shiyu is very respectful of his courtiers.In Yang Wenjun’s view, the significance of Lu Shiyu to Xiao Dingquan is that he is the spiritual mentor of Xiao Dingquan. He has always taught Xiao Dingquan to observe the etiquette of a gentleman and to become a gentleman, especially the king.The relationship between monarchs and ministers, “serving princes by courtesy, servants by courts, and loyalty by princes”, this ancient literati’s thoughts permeated in Xiao Dingquan, Lu Ying, Lu Shiyu and other figures.This is also the intrinsic driving force for Xiao Dingquan’s willingness to commit risks for the country alone, to pay the military power to the country, and to bear the infamy of his own death.There is a warm mood in the style palace, “Herring Huating” and even many plots are reversed, but the characters Xiao Dingquan, Lu Shiyu, Lu Ying and other characters in the play are all literati doctors. The character is forbearant, restrained, and there are ideas in his bones to explode, butBecause of the perennial Confucian ideological education and ritual constraints, patience and restraint must be observed.Yang Wenjun said that the whole drama was filmed from the beginning, he and the screenwriter, the actor pursued the most is that this is a “shouli” drama, not just “relaxed drama” that can be easily achieved by just releasing yourself, “The realization of the ideal is valuable, sometimes because it is not easy to come by, it requires your patience, patience and restraint, because the explosive power of restraint is often huge.”He Ting Hua Ting” was adapted from literary works into a larger TV series, and also added a warmer tone than the original. In this kind of drama, the relationship between Gu Fengen and Xiao Dingquan, their friendship continues.In Yang Wenjun ‘s opinion, Gu Fengen is Xiao Dingquan ‘s ideal, and Xiao Dingquan has been extraordinarily ceremonial since he was a child, so he will particularly like that Gu Fengen is an unscrupulous person. Gu Fengen went to the tree for a while and went to the roof to fight against his father and emperor.It was Xiao Dingquan who didn’t dare to think about it. He could only watch Gu Fengen from a distance to make trouble, “He was very envious of Gu Fengen, so they became such strong emotional partners.””, Xiao Dingquan, the relationship between Lu Wenxi and the crown prince is also a “warm spot” in Yang Wenjun’s “Herding Huating”.The crown prince has always been gentle and kind, and has also been in harmony with the prince Xiao Dingquan, and Qin is harmonious. Her death “Prince Princess offline” topic once reached the top of the Weibo search.After the death of the prince, Xiao Dingquan, who was in extreme grief and anger, even once again became suspicious of the prince’s palace-the heroine Lu Wenxi, suspecting that she was the initiator of the drug case.In the plot setting, although Xiao Dingquan and Lu Wenxi truly love each other, in order to save Lu Wenxi’s father and brother, he disapprovedly married the girl she didn’t like. Zhang Nianzhi, the daughter of Shangshu Shang, was turned into a crown prince.Lu Wenxi entered the East Palace, she lurked to Xiao Dingquan to save her father and brother, and became the maid of the crown prince.In Yang Wenjun’s opinion, this plot can be said to be very sad, but also very warm. It should have been a pair of jealous triangles, but because Lu Wenxi felt that the crown prince was kind, they became good sisters.This is also what Yang Wenjun thinks is the biggest difference between “Her Wah Pavilion” and the previous traditional palace fighting drama. In the palace, it should have been a drama of fighting, which turned into a particularly warm friendship, and this friendship has been accompanied by the death of the crown prince.Lu Wenxi missed her so much that she kept the red nails she left on her fingers until the end, “This kind of friendship between women is very heart-warming.”” Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na proofreading Zhao Lin