[Can pregnant women drink black chicken soup]_Pregnancy period_Can you drink it?

[Can pregnant women drink black chicken soup]_Pregnancy period_Can you drink it?

The body of a pregnant woman is very important. You need to pay attention to rest often after pregnancy, and the diet is very important.

Pregnant women are always responsible for themselves, and more so for their internal responsibilities.

Therefore, the diet of pregnant women is of great concern.

Every pregnant woman is the most important person in the family, so every meal must be nutritious and healthy.

But can pregnant women drink black chicken soup?

Would pregnant women drink black chicken soup? The black chicken with the title of “black-hearted baby” is a good thing. It is different from ordinary chickens. Under the white hair feathers, the black and black skin is hidden. Yes, you read it right.It is black skin.

In everyone’s impression, the skin of chicken is yellow, so some people say that they are afraid to eat it.

Don’t look at it as dark as it is, it is more nutritious than ordinary chicken. It contains all kinds of nutritional elements stronger than ordinary chicken. It is especially suitable for stew soup when confinement.

So for pregnant moms who are in a certain period, can they eat black chicken soup?

The answer is yes.

We all know that pregnancy is all kinds of supplements, and the Shiquan Dabu soup is not too much to put on the table. Who makes a little guy in the stomach grow up!

Black chicken is also a type of chicken. Its nutritional value is higher than that of ordinary chickens.

Black chicken plasma calcium and phosphorus and other substances, pregnant women have the benefits of self and fetal babies after eating.

So it is very good to drink black chicken soup during pregnancy.

If you use black chicken to stew red dates or stewed Cordyceps flowers, you can nourish and tonic after drinking them.

Sui Sui Nian: Don’t look at the black meat of black chicken is a bit difficult to eat, but its nutritional value is very rich, the aunt is low, comparable to high-calcium low-fat milk, the nutritional value will definitely kill other ordinary chickens.

The practice of drinking black chicken soup for pregnant women Black chicken soup is generally given to the weak people in the folk, but the pregnant mummy pregnant black chicken soup is also in a special period is also very good!

That being the case, why don’t pregnant mommy make black chicken soup in the time of the place?

Not only can you pass the time, but you can also absorb the nutrition of the black chicken, it is really the best of both worlds.


Don’t know how to stew black chicken soup?

Well, do n’t worry, I will present the practice of black chicken soup for everyone, simply and hurriedly put it away!

Ingredients: Black chicken One method: 1. Wash and clean black chicken, it is essential to clean the dirt on the surface of the chicken body in clean cold water, but there is one place that should not be ignored.Clean it up properly; 2. Remove the oil in the chicken belly and the entire buttocks, then chop the black chicken into small pieces; 3, blanch the black chicken with boiling water twice; 4. rinse it once with clean warm water to ensure that the dirty things andThe blood froth has been washed away; 5. Add to the casserole and start to stew the soup; 6. Add dates and longan and put a few slices of ginger; 7. Cover with water and do not need to lift the lid halfway, the minimum fire for two and a half hoursJust add some salt.