a fattening recipe for children

a fattening recipe for children

A dietitian opens a recipe for children to a functional category: specialties that help children with fattening and low temperature environments.

  Recipe ingredients: Ingredients: turkey breast meat 400g Accessories: bread 150g, lettuce (flowers) 50g, tomato 150g, eggs 150g, wheat flour 50g seasoning: cooking wine 15g, salt 5g, MSG 2g, pepper 2g, peanut oil 100g,Brandy 10g 1.

First remove the chicken fascia and cut into 6cm long, 3cm wide, 0.

5cm thick piece; 2.

Use the back of the knife to gently pat the chicken pieces, wash and disinfect the leaves of lettuce, then wash and disinfect the tomatoes and cut them into 4 crab-shaped countries;

First sprinkle a layer of salt in the empty dish, then spread the chicken in the dish, then sprinkle the salt on the chicken, salt, pepper, wine, brandy, MSG, slightly marinated;

Peel the bread and cut into 0.

5cm size of Ding, the chicken pieces are evenly mixed with flour, then smashed the egg liquid, and finally simmered the bread;

Put it on the case and press the palm of your hand to complete the chicken chops. Put the wok on the fire and put in the peanut oil. When the heat is 60%, put it into the chicken chops. When it is golden brown, remove the oil.

Neatly coded in the fish dish, surrounded by leafy lettuce and crab-shaped red persimmon.