Mental health standards that longevity people should have

Mental health standards that longevity people should have

To judge whether a person’s psychology is healthy, the criteria on which experts can be based can be grouped into two categories: one is social adaptation criteria and the other is medical standards.

Most experts believe that social fitness standards are used to measure the mental health of primary and secondary school students.

  Understand yourself, have a full understanding and understanding of yourself, and be able to properly assess your abilities; trust yourself, have a full sense of trust, overcome difficulties, face frustration, and assess yourself correctlyFailure; accepting self, accepting identity with one’s own appearance, personality, intelligence, ability, etc.; developing self, becoming the ability to learn from experience, fully developing one’s own intelligence, according to its own characteristics, inGradually allow the development of one’s personality; adjust self, have a full sense of security to the environment, maintain good contact with the environment, understand others, accept others, maintain good interpersonal relationships; control self, moderatelyExpress and control one’s own emotions and behaviors; regulate self, unrealistic behavioral goals, psychological imbalances, and environmental incompatibility, can make timely feedback, correction, selection, transformation and adjustment; improve self, can constantly improve themselves, maintain the integrity and harmony of personality; design self, have their own life ideals, but ideal与目标能切合实际;  满足自我,在社会规范的范围内,适度地满足个人的基本需求。  Longevity elderly people have the following psychological characteristics: 1.

Open-minded, optimistic and open-minded: long-lived people are mostly open-minded, enthusiasm and straightforward, helpful and not easy to get angry.

Facts have proved that heart-thoracic fractures, more sorrows, more chances of illness; and broad-minded, optimistic, and less chance of illness.


Love life, good at life: Many outstanding figures in ancient and modern China and abroad have clear goals of life and goals. They can still work hard when they are eighty or ninety years old.

They love life, love their work, and have a scientific lifestyle, happy mood, so that the various organs of the body are coordinated and in good condition.


Being good with others, contentment and happiness: Many long-lived old people are kind and kind, not angry, not luxurious, diligent and simple, respectful and old, able to live in harmony with family and others, so that their physical environment is in a state of balance for a long time.


Wide range of interests, some pursuits: calligraphy and painting can play a sentimental exercise, making people happy; some pursuit, make people think, delay brain aging.

Many long-lived people love chess and calligraphy, are extremely responsible for work, and strive for excellence.

Due to the cultivation of art and the persistent pursuit of the cause, the body has been exercised and longevity has been achieved.


Forgetting selflessness.

Resolute and straightforward: straightforward, strong and resolute, straightforward and straightforward, selfless and selfless, is the common feature of long-lived people with strong careers.

The resolute, straight-hearted person has a wide chest and a strong coordination of the nervous system. It can adapt to sudden changes in the environment; selflessness is self-confident and conducive to longevity.