Depression screening into the medical examination, stipulates "笔" more "landing"

  ■ Stator has recently, the Ministry of Education responds to the Committee on CPPCC’s "proposal to further implement the prevention and control of adolescents", clearly expressed "Incorporate depression screening into the health medical examination content of the students, establishing a student mental health file, and assessing students’ mental health status Students who have an abnormal assessment have focused on "." Depression is a common mental illness with multiple potential harm. Preventing depression in adolescents is an important task to implement quality education and promote comprehensive development of adolescents. It is also necessary for the urgent reality. Youth is facing many aspects such as learning, employment, etc., and the heart is delicate and sensitive.

Data from "China National Mental Health Development Report (2019-2020)" shows that 18-25 years old young people’s mental health index is significantly lower than other age segments, and more prone to depression, burnout and other negative emotions. Depression Screening is a key step in advance identification and involving psychological problems in adolescents, with a view to minimizing severe hazards. What can’t be ignored is that my country’s depression detection rate is not high, and a middle margin is causing attention. A wide range of illness is one of the reasons.

In traditional cognition, "sick" is fear is a topic of a deep topic. This is the case, and people are not willing to mention. Second, the disease is not strong to hinder effective screening. Some adolescents lack the correct understanding of mental illness, and there is a happening of measuring tables.

Third, teachers with professional psychological services are scarce, which is also an important reason for students’ participation in enthusiasm. Further, how to do confidentiality of screening results? Is the student screened will be discriminated? Various questions are lingering in people. This reminds us that the supporting services for depression screening must be followed.

The multi-level, systematic opinions, strengthening deployment of depression in the Ministry of Education, carrying out multi-form adolescents prevention of depression education, establishing a whole process of adolescent depression prevention and control services, is for subsequent mental illness treatment, teachers and students A feasible solution that knows the misplaced dislocation, the professionalism of talents is not strong. Depression is not a small disease, and it is not appropriate to react over, avoiding the opposite extremes.

"Little child is too confident" "" It’s better to have adolescence "… In the face of typical symptoms of depression, there is no such argument.

I have never seen the correct posture of preventing mental illness. To know that depression has "invisible killer", "mental cancer", its harm is worth vigilant.

In addition, depression is more generally generalized and enlarged.

The core characteristics of depression include depression, but there is depression and mood. Faced with volunting life twists and turns, you will inevitably have emotional fluctuations. It is important to adjust your mind in time. Studies have shown that 70% -80% depression can be cured or improved.

This reveals us that it is possible to prevent depression education for adolescents.

Strictly abide by the screening of mental illness, do a good job in the prevention and treatment of prevention and treatment of the whole process, stipulate that "falling" is more "landing", and takes measures to take care of the healthy growth of teenagers.