Brand + e-commerce fresh + 姜 泸 州 县 牛 滩 生姜 "Walking Tour"

Zhou Xinghai, a member of the Society, shows the beach ginger.

Zeng Zuran photo is a ginger planting town, and August is a season of ginger, ginger, ginger, bringing good economic benefits for ginger farmers. Into the new forest village in Nakam Town, I saw that the ginger farm was busy, digging ginger, twigs, frame, transportation, on the spot. In the early morning, Liu Ronggao, 4 groups in Xinlin Village came to Jiang’s.

They need to dig more than 200 pounds of ginger to professional cooperatives, which are sent to Chongqing, Chengdu and other places on the same day.

"I have a 7-ace-ginger this year, and the Complete Site is responsible for acquiring sales.

The price sold to a complement is higher than the market, which is better than the economic benefits of food.

"Liu Ronggao introduced that the company provides seeds, fertilizers and planting techniques, they only plant. Since 2011, Niu Bean Town has established a ginger professional cooperative, based on technology, market-oriented, implementation" company + professional cooperative + The industrial business model of farmers is developing a ginger industry in the ginger industry.

"At present, our ginger has entered the peak season.

Sales are mainly based on e-commerce, far from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, near Chengdu and Chongqing sales.

Zhou Xinghai, the total party secretary of the new forest village party, ginger planting professional cooperative, said that thanks to the development of e-commerce industries, the beam beam ginger can be sold all over the country, sales price is also rising all the way, ginger planting Brought a lot of income.

In the professional cooperative cold chain logistics 冻, the land is outdated. "This is our third ‘magic weapon outside the brand and e-commerce." Zhou Xinghai said, in order to solve the problem of short-selling season, they have customized more than 10,000 breeds from Jiangsu, starting this year. Deep processing, make products such as bubble ginger, ensure that the ginger ginger can supply the market all year round.

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