The inventions of middle school students are similar to their parent studies, and the Kongchuang competition is not "fighting"

  In 2015, Liu Mouyang, Liu Mouyang, with the invention, "Portable haze pollution gas rapid identification and detection device" (also known as "portable multi-group gas UV field analyzer") obtained multiple provincial, national awards, and thus Key High School, 168 Middle Schools. In 2018, Liu Mouyang once again rely on the invention "drunk driving safety laser rapid screening system" to obtain multiple awards and won national patents. According to media reports, Liu Mouyang’s father is Liu Jianguo, Dean of Hefei Materials Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Liu Mouyang’s invention, and the research results of Liu Jianguo’s research have been similar, and even the appearance is almost the same.

At present, the staff of the National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition responded that the survey has been launched.

  The awards of the son were referring to the research results of the father’s institution, naturally triggering people’s doubts: Does Liu Mouyang have completed the invention creation with their father’s power? Is there a plagiarism plagiarism in violation of scientific research? Does this violate the legitimate rights of third parties? These suspects have to be strictly imparted. If the survey confirms that Liu Mouyang’s invention creates a violation of the race rules, then the honorary and reward should be returned. In addition, if Liu Mouyang is subject to the priority of the priority, the school that he is currently studying should also pay close attention to the results of the survey, so that the enrollment is equipped with the bottom line. Although youth science and technology innovation competitions are facing students, they must follow scientific research specifications and academic ethics.

The National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition is clearly pointed out: "There is a copy of the work of plagiarism, plagiarism, adult or infringement of intellectual property rights, etc.". If some teenagers are falsified in the game, academic dissemination is to leave a stain on the "starting line" of life. However, the plagiarism, plagiarism, and the shadow of "adults" behind the primary and secondary school competitions, so that the discrimination of academic doors is more difficult.

In such plagiarism events, the special relationship of plagiarism and plagiarism, allowing the possibility of original prosecution expiration to be almost zero. Especially the non-live competition, people cannot accurately learn how many students’ creativity is original, and how many advice from the "high people" behind them. It is clear that the students who are born in the scientific research home are indeed an advantage due to the ears of the family environment.

This kind of "home learning" has left a lot of "a scientist".

If you completely deny the advantages of scientists’ families to children’s education, then it is also not conducive to the inheritance of excellent scientific research, is not conducive to excellent young people from a small cultivation of scientific research interests. So, how to encourage both the descendants of the scientist to learn from the father, and climb the peak in scientific research, and exclude the unfair factors in the awarding mechanism to prevent scientists from being smashed for their children. First, we must cancel the extra points around such awards, the special student system, let the competition return to the evaluation of students’ research interests and potential. In recent years, the Ministry of Education has issued documents many times, requiring any competition awards, no basis for admissions enrollment in the basic education stage, strictly forbidden to make a prize for all kinds of competition as a high school admissions examination (middle school entrance examination).

Cut off the interest association between the adolescents and the students’ schronization, and allow the award to keep pure. Second, we must scientifically evaluate students’ innovative capabilities and carefully treat some creative creatures that are significantly exceeding their age. Observe the winning works of some young people’s technology innovation competitions. Some netizens have always sent "internal volume": some college students and even graduate students can understand the scientific theories and technologies, which are actually entered. "Letters". At the evaluation link, pay attention to the inspection of the founder’s basic knowledge and creative source to prevent the "generation" of adults behind the award. In addition, we must improve the declaration and publicity system of the competition. "Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition Rules" stipulate that such as instructing teachers and students have relative relationships, they should be filled in when they declare.

For those who are highly related to the sectors of the entry and entrants, the competition should strictly declare the requirements and strengthen the relationship between the review links. It is inevitable that some people think that scientists family guidance children are engaged in the relevant invention creation, belonging to "big hand and shredders", and it is not very good. However, there is a rule in the game, and "guidance" cannot be boundless. If the adult is "on the pen" "generation", then the original intention of the competition will not be able to achieve, and the fairness of education will also be eroded.